Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blackberry blues...

...and just when I started enjoying my N95, I get a Blackberry shoved at me!


I'm not thrilled. Now they can hound me anytime. No more work-free weekends, no more stress-free evenings...

Blackberry's camera sucks... I got the Blacberry 8300, which looks more like a calculator than my exciting, music playing, 5MP camera possessing N95. What should I do now? Should I just sell my N95 or keep 2 phones? I would hate to do that though. I can hardly carry one phone!


Why me?

I'm reminded of Alanis Morisette's song: Isn't it Ironic?


nibaq said...

I have both the Blackberry 8700g and my Nokia N82.

I see them both as separate phones, one for work (mostly email) and one is personal or for calls.

So thus I carry both with me, but sometimes I simply leave my Blackberry in the car or home. You think you are tethered with the Blackberry but really you still have control. Dont respond to emails after a certain hour, dont take it with you to family functions or events.

I view my Blackberry as an extension of my email program on my computer and it really keeps me away from the computer waiting and responding to emails.

ammaro said...

I wouldnt give up the N95 for anything :P

and as for taking up your weekends and so on, they should give you an extra allowance for having to lug that thing around. im not very fond of the blueberries anyway; theyre mostly made to give you more work rather than more enjoyment, which we seriously dont need!

take the blackberry, but leave it home on the weekends. you dont need to check your email every 5 miuntes. once in the morning, once in the evening is more than enough. unless your job requires some serious attention 24 hours a day, then maybe you need to switch jobs ;p

amal said...

..would never give up my personal phone for anything.. i too thought it was horrible when i was first given Madame BB.. but then i realized it's actually a blessing that i do have her.. this way i choose to "switch off work" when i want to and not be disturbed by CERTAIN LUNATICS' 4 am messages.. ;)
enjoy it..

SoulSearch said...

Thanks everyone, I think I will stick to my N95. The blueberry should only be an extension of my my email as nibaq said.