Monday, March 10, 2008

My new N95

its snuggly charging at home, taking its 16 hour charge while I dream of it at work... I can't wait to go home and start playing with it.

There are two main reasons why I bought it (on the spur of the moment) last night:

1. My son loves Spiderman 3

2. The 5 megapixel camera

But I don't know how I'm going to transfer my 500++ contacts from my memory chip...

The N95 doesnot have a chip place thing...



ammaro said...

you just chose the best effin phone in the world.

mabrook! and to transfer, you can either do it via bluetooth, or connect through a computer. the bluetooth option is very easy, i think it should be under tools, then utilities... something called switch or so.

SoulSearch said...

Thanks ammaro, I'll do that today!!! I also want to download my other 9 movies!


Redbelt said...

You can sync whatever phone you have now with Microsoft Outlook. You can simply sync the new phone with it after.
You can send all contacts via bluetooth on some phones. Else you may need to transfer them one by one.

I sync my phone to outlook, and I sync my outlook to It all happens automatically so if my phone gets stolen and my PC dies, I can still restore life back.


SoulSearch said...

Its really refreshing to have agood sturdy camera. I love taking pics and the N95 gives me what i need. But the contacts were horrible, I didnt know u cold sync to Outlook, I had to bluetooth 480 contacts!!!
Thanks rb,