Friday, July 27, 2007

On being human...

I've been good
I've been bad,
I've been happy,
I've been down,
I've made mistakes,
I've been a winner,
Cried my eyes out,
Laughed till I was in stiches,
I've had my share of luck,
Been very unfortunate sometimes,
I've been free,
I've been trapped,

I've loved,
and hated...

and lived ...

and that's what makes us human...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Freed at last

الحمد الله على سلامتك جمعة

...You now have hope: to come home from Saudi Arabia to your family and friends.
My thanks goes out to everyone who helped secure Juma Al-Dossary's release from the hell hole that is Gunatanamo Bay, Cuba.

We will not forget Isa Al-Murbati either. He is now the last Bahraini detainee in the illegal and inhumane prison set up by "the land of the free".

Thursday, July 12, 2007

...To be Fair & Lovely...

... To be Fair is to be Lovely...

I'm seriously sick of this advert being aired on all TV channels that I watch.

Has anyone seen the Fair & Lovely ad that promises to make you "fair" therefore "lovely"!!!!

What the hell are we teaching this generation? That its bad to be dark skinned and that darker girls are not destined for success? Why hasn't anyone pointed that out?

Basically, the advert rests on the same scenario, a girl goes into a salon or something to sell her herbs, clearly looking for a job, but she's turned away by a snoty fair woman. Then her mom tells her to "show them" and gives her the magical Fair & Lovely, that promises to make her just that Fair and thus Lovely. She goes back to the same salon and a guy now looks at her "transformed and fair and lovely, of course" and sweeps her off her feet and she becomes a star!!!!


...I was stunned to watch the whole charade...

What kind of a message are we sending young girls: if you're dark, forget it, don't even bother studying and trying to be a successful individual, well, just because you're dark!!! Dah!!! But if you're fair, you can be a bimbo, cause there will always be a man (a rich one at that) who will take care of you, so why bother being a successful individual? Why even bother trying?

Race & skin colors become markers that indicate superiority and privilege, and that's what's being reflected through these commercials.

I wonder how that advert would be viewed in the US or the UK? Or are Arab countries and other thrid world countries that they can sell this crap to?


SoulSearch :(


The tears of a child, her blood stains the rocks of Qana, rockets and craters destroyed her playground, her home destroyed.

Remembering all the victims of the brutal Israeli war machine...
Thanks to Al-Jazeera News Channel (both English & Arabic) for their outstanding coverage and their insightful reports that clearly and realistically portray the destruction that Lebanon suffered last year...

To Lebanon, with love.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The 7 wonders buzzzzz

Its official, there's a poll going around hoping to choose a new set of 7 wonders of the world...
News Agencies have been carrying the news:

Two millennia after the Greeks listed the sevenwonders of the ancient world, a
foundation created by a Swissmillionaire is to announce the seven sites elected
as the modernworld wonders in a global internet vote.

The announcement will be made tomorrow:

A glamourous gala event will be held at a huge Lisbon stadium Saturday to make
public the winners of a competition which has generated enthusiasm outside
the Western world, but came under criticism from art experts and the United



Alan's dream of freedom

After more than 100 days of captivity, Alan Johnston is free...

People who dedicate their lives to keep us informed are the real heroes...

Instead of enforcing regulations that would guarantee their safety, they are constantly targeted by Terrorist Governments (a.k.a Israel)

Yesterday, a reporter from a Palestinian TV station was hit by Zionist forces, he's been in critical condition, and has already lost his leg.

Amazing silence from Arab governments, leaders...

I wonder how the world's reaction would be has this reporter been British or American...

We all dream of freedom, peace and security, just like Alan...