Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Israel - A Nation of Thiefs

What do you do when you are surrounded by a nation of thiefs who's only objective in life is to steal as much land as possible by any means (be it massacaring a million and a half people for example).

That is the essence of the country that calls itself Israel. It is nothing but a country founded on a bunch of lies, and is now doing everything in its power (as supplied by the US of A of course) to defend those lies and to destroy anyone that claims (rightly) any right to live.

It disgusts me to hear that the "emergency" meeting of the Arabs (mashalla 3laihoum) will only be held on friday, after a few more hundred innocent Palestinians inlcuding children of course will be massacred by America's spoilt little baby.

The Israeli killing machine will not stop until it takes over the entire region and muffles out the voices of the rightful owners of the land that they have stolen.


Search your Soul

Remember the Gazans today...

We are all Gazans during this difficult times.

Peace to Palestine