Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gaza Under Siege

From The Palestinian Cultural Club

ظلام دامس عاد ليغطي مدينة غزة بعد منع قوات الاحتلال من إدخال الوقود اللازم لتشغيل محطة توليد الكهرباء و
إغلاقه جميع المعابر المنفذة لغزة.
لحظات تمر على هذه المدينة بلا كهرباء... بلا ماء... بلا طعام... بلا أدنى مقومات الحياة.
أطفال غزة يستغيثون و أقل ما يمكننا فعله هو الدعاء، لفك الحصار القاتل عن أهل غزة، و إنقاذهم مما هم فيهم من معاناة. لكم الله يا أهل غزة...
!! فلنذكرهم إخوتي عندما نجلس في كنف الراحة والضوء والرفاهية، وعندما نشبع كل يوم ثلاث مرات
اللهم ضاقت الآمال وأنت الرجاء.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life Disintegrating

What do I do when I miss you? How do I come to terms with your sudden death. I really need to talk to you baba. I miss you so much it hurts.
I still have your phone on my speed dial. But you are no longer there to answer my calls.
Wish I could reach out and talk to you somewhere.

On the 40th day, I had a dream. So vivid, I thought it was real.
I felt like you were really there talking to me. You were sitting on the floor, I was at your side facing you. You talked about "Jama3at AlQuran ElKareem" I was full of tears.
You were wearing a green shirt, and smiling.

You said: "Didn't you ask to see me?, that's why I came"
I cried a river for you. I cry a lifetime.

You said: "Didn't you want Seif to sit on my lap, that's why I came"

And I then saw my son Seif sitting on my lap.

Was this dream just wishful thinking? Was a message to tell me you are ok, you are happy? What was the significance of the green shirt? Was it a symbol of you in heaven?

All these thoughts keep swirling around in my head.

Is it just wishful thinking?

Love you dad. Miss you forever.