Monday, February 11, 2008

What's happening...

to YouTube?

I haven't been able to view a single video? I don't see anyone asking about this? anyone out there knows what's going on?
help... I need music!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Welfare or Hellfare: Are we on the way?

To becoming a Welfare state?

So what's a Welfare State?

According to Wikipedia:

There are three main interpretations of the idea of a welfare state:
the provision of welfare services by the state.
an ideal model in which the state assumes primary responsibility for the welfare of its citizens. This responsibility in theory ought to be comprehensive, because all aspects of welfare are considered and universally applied to citizens as a right. 'Welfare state' can also mean the creation of a "safety net" of minimum standards of varying forms of welfare. Here is found some confusion between a "welfare state" and a "welfare society" (see below) in common debate about the definition of the term.
the provision of welfare in society. In many "welfare states", especially in continental Europe, welfare is not actually provided by the state, but by a combination of independent, voluntary, mutualist and government services. The functional provider of benefits and services may be a central or state government, a state-sponsored company or agency, a private corporation, a charity or another form of non-profit organisation. However, this phenomenon has been more appropriately termed a "welfare society," and the term "welfare system" has been used to describe the range of welfare state and welfare society mixes that are found.

Some people disagree with the model of a welfare state, calling it the "nanny state" that causes an infringment on many personal freedoms. And we all know that is so possible in Bahrain!!

We need to consider...


Monday, February 04, 2008

On having children in the Corporate World...

The word "motherhood" is an undefied term in the corporate world. Its been an agony for me to survive in the corporate world, not on a professional level, but on a more personal level. I am torn by my feelings as a mother, as my need to be resposible for my children's well-being, for their everyday lives, and between my career.
Alot of you would say, if someone felt that way, they should just quit and be a lady of leisure, but that is not even an option for us as a middle-income family.
Our working hours are going to be hiked up soon and will probably be till 5.30 pm, which is crazy for someone with 5 & 3 year old children.

My children are my first priority hands down, and I'm sorry if tha is my number one objective, because in the corporate world they want to work you to the bone, so you can help in generating the highest possible revenues for the company you work for, and at the end of the day come back to a grumpy family, who gives you dirty looks for being out of the house all day, to children who have no interest but to watch TV, watch TV, and watch more TV. Children who need to ask you if "you still love them" ...

Ohh the agony.

I'm at a crossroads, I need to put my priorities straight, but then again, I know what my priorities are, I love the line of work at at the moment but hiking the working hours like this without prior notice is really a disgusting thing to do.

The only thing I'm dpending on is that someone would consider Flexi-Hours, whereby we could show up at the office earlier in the day so that we could leave earlier than 5.30pm, and I would even ditch the lunch break...

I want to have a life,,,,