Monday, May 14, 2007

A Woman's agony

What is it that makes them do it? Why do women stay, when men decide to treat them as a punching bag? I just don't get it.

I was reading this morning's paper when I stumbled upon this article from the GDN, about a woman who has been abused and regularly beaten by her husband. She even had to have her upper lip stiched after his highness probably blew a punch at her or threw something at her.

Nothing infuriates me more than a man using his muscles to show he's a man. To me he's just an animal. Morever, he's probably an animal with issues, major ones. For him to use force to keep "his woman" in line just sickens me.

And she still refuses to press charges!!!! I say sue his sorry a*s, let him rot in jail or get deported or something. The law must be on her side, right? Right?

Its sad that people can just continue to swallow their pride, and their tears just so they would not cause a commotion, and that is probably one of the reasons this poor woman and many others in her situation prefer to do. Its probably becasue of the kids as well, for fear that she would be separated from them by the vicious monster of a dad that they have. Does he ever stop and think what this does to the children? How they would grow up in fear of what is happening to their mother, and when they become men and women themselves won't they feel that this is the normal way of treating their own spouses, or feel its normal to be treated this way? It just scares me.

From what I've heard there is a family violence shelter or center here in Bahrain. Its sponsored by Batelco and is somewhere in Budaiya but I'm not sure. Anyone who knows more about it, their contact no.s, or anything, please do let us know.

I hope this woman gets her mind set straight and sues this guy for both the physical and emotional abuse that has tormented her and her children for years and years.




ThinkPink said...

Thanks for blogging about this SoulSearch, i just wish the lady would press charges, but at the least approach the center.

Here are the details for anyone that's interested:

Batelco Care Centre for Family Violence Cases

Get in touch with it's president - Dr Banna Bu Zaboon or one of the counsellors - Kadra Ahmed on 17597777

Alternatively there's a toll-free 24/7 helpline number which is local to wonderland that can be used for obtaining advice or assistance via phone: 80001888

Hope this helps.

SoulSearch said...

Thanks alot Thhinkpink. Appreciate your help on this. I will definitely put this info as a new post and hope everyone does the same.
Stay in touch,

SoulSearch =)

Nisreen said...

I just wonder how this man would be feeling if the roles were reversed...

F. Mattar said...

There is also Aisha Yateem center for women. They are in Hamad Town and were set up by the Young Ladies Association and Aisha Yateems family.