Thursday, May 03, 2007

Its me, Its music

Music does something to my soul. It takes me away from my troubles, my sorrow, my pain. Music is a treasure. I love music.

As the weight of the world gets heavier and heavier on my shoulders, my only valve, is my 15 or 20 minutes a day in my car, where I'm by myself, I just listen to all the music I want, starting from my favorite rockers - Nickleback - to Annie Lenox - to any 80s music I can put my hands on.

I want to sleep, to feel free, to run like the wind, to be happy.




doe14 said...

I know exactly wt u mean. I enjoy the drive to school ALONE. I guess alone is the key word here. I love my kid but we all need a few moments of peace. Just to think or listen to music or to enjoy the silence :)

LuLu said...

Totally with you on this one. I'm glad we can't talk on the phone while driving now too! I really need the drive to get my daily morning dose of music or I would go insane :)

thinkpink said...

Thank you SoulSearch for an inspirational piece *smiles*

Let me out of society's caged life and fly away into the comfort of my music. From some of Boucelli and Diana Krall to Tom Jones and Bony M. i want all what you've blogged, and i want to cry, i want to laugh and i want to be me...


SoulSearch said...

Thanks guys for stopping by. Music has been found to positively affect children and adults in many ways. Especially when classical music is played in the background, many researchers have found that it enhances IQ tests!
Cool, huh? =)


Seroo said...

music is soul

anyone who disagrees has not lived