Friday, April 13, 2007

A World of Hopelessness

Hope for Life. When I started this blog, I hoped I could write about my concerns as an Arab citizen living in the Arab world.
But today, I feel I have reached a dead end. Killing, wars, conflicts, suicide bombings, in many parts of the Arab world; is this the spiral to our destruction?

So many questions on my mind; is it our fault? or governments'? our leaders? our inaction? our slumber?

Or is it fate, is it our destiny to watch people around us die for no reason.

Iraq is one fire,
Palestine is still occupied,
Lebanon is a political time bomb,
Morocco is shook by a bloody attack,
Algeria follows...

Who's next? Is it Al-Qaeda? Is it Israel (very conspiracy theory, I know)? Is it the US?
Does Al-Qaeda even exist? or is it just a fabrication of the media by a superpower who created this bearded monster extremist monster to blame all the BS going on in the world, for economic and political gains?

Where are we going? What is happening? Do we just go on living our lives? Do we just work, and take aour children to school? and go have lunch somewhere? and then come home?
What about the destruction around us? What about the future? What about progress?

Is this normal? Is anyone out there?



Gardens of Sand said...

SS, I know how you feel. We are in hopeless times aren't we? I dunno who to blame or if the blame falls squarely on one side. I know we are largely to blame. We Arabs and Muslims. Look at the mess we are in, our countries, our peoples. Corruption is rampant, selfishness and apathy are the norm.

But every journey begins with a step. So there's hope yet.

SoulSearch said...

Do you think GOS? Do you believe we still have hope? Look at the state of affairs of the world today? We are being demonized, seen as terrorists and murderers and basically the scum of the earth? Do you really think we could survive and have better prospects for the future?

Afrahood said...

Amal! What a wonderful Blog you've got here. I went almost through all you posts and I'm seriously thinking of using some of them as reading exercises for my students (if you'll allow me to do so :P).
Yes, it looks like we are living in a world of hopelessness and total despair(especially for us as Arabs and Muslims). I can't answer any of the questions you've addressed, though they also come across my mind from time to time. I am one of those people who chose not to think alot of what's happening or where are we going to; maybe because it makes me feel disgusted with the world around me and even with my self. I don't really know what the solutions might be for a world that have lost its sense of what's right & what's wrong.
What I chose to do is to live this life as it is, do my best to make it less difficult for me and others, and accept my fate with content. I do believe that each of us was born for a reason..I just wanna fulfill my mission on earth and die.

Gardens of Sand said...

Yes there is always hope. The key I think is to realize that the big picture is made of a million little pieces. You and I might not be able to change the world, our country, Arabs, Muslims etc, but you can plant the seeds of change. Your children and their children will be different and God willing so will their counterparts.

You can help one person at a time and I truely believe if everyone does that, this world will be a better place