Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crazy Week

Its been a crazy week. I've been as busy as a bee running around doing everything and being everything at the same time.

I turned 29 on Monday. Thanks Naz, Mool, and the rest of the gang for a wonderful lunch and coffee. The shawl is beautiful, the perfume confiscated by hubby =)

Tuesday was a another day of errands, I was at the clinic in the morning for a medical check-up, (upset stomach).

Running around all hardware stores for bathroom tiles for our dream home! Love the stuff at Marmara, Sitra Highway. Prices were surprisingly reasonable and we are very close to finalizing all 7 bathrooms! Yey =)

Another day of going around, this time it was for kitchens. W e visited a few kitchen places. We are now in a dilemma. Should we go for a wooden or an aluminum kitchen? I want to go for the Alu choice, while hubby is thinking of going for the wooden (I am suspecting!)

I'm glad its Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday and I'm hoping I can stay at home and be a bum. Do nothing. But I will have to wake up early tomorrow, play with the kids and give them all the love, time and attention I can. I miss them and feel infinitely guilty for being so busy all week. The only consolation is: I do all of this for them. The house, the job, the life all revolves around them. You would only understand if you were a parent. I guess at the end of the day, your kids are the priority. Little human beings who totally depende on you for their lives. How could you even think of turning your back. You wouldn't.



doe14 said...

Sweetie happy birthday :) I'm glad u had a good time. Inshallah all ur dreams will come true this year. I'm so happy u r building the home of ur dreams. So this year is definitely gonna be special :)...

p.s: stop publicizing ur age.. :@ u are also publicizing mine, and unfortunately its starting to become a touchy subject :S ;)

SoulSearch said...

Thanks doe, miss you guys loads. Hey we should be proud of our age. I really am proud of being 29 and look forward to 30 and 40 inshalla!

The older, the wiser! =)
Take care, keep in touch