Thursday, April 05, 2007

Palestinian "Militants"

Besides being more like a tabloid newspaper, the editos at GDN continue to be as blind to our stance as a country, to the people as Arabs and Muslims, and to the political situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Their article today calls the Palestinian "martyred" today as a Militant who was killed as he was " evilly" shooting at the poor defenseless Israeli Soldiers who were to protect the right of Israel to exist. Hohoho

Do you need to be reminded that Bahrain is an Arab and Muslim country by majority and that people here are on the Palestinian side? Do you need to be reminded that Palestinians are defending or trying to defend their stolen land?

According to Wikipedia: The word militant has come to refer to any individual or party engaged in aggressive physical or verbal combat, normally for a cause. Popular usage sometimes sees "militants" as synonymous with terrorists.

Do these guys just cut and paste from Reuters, Associated Press or Agence France Presse, do they not realize that the western media is biased against the Palestinians and choose to ignore the plight of the Palestinians?



ThinkPink said...

SoulSearch, there's just one editor at the GDN...Sir Brown Noser Williams who loves brown-nosing folks around wonderland instead of giving his staff the training they need. There may be other editors but those are just titles and placards, in the end, there's always one editor that articles need to get that rubber stamp of approval...

GDN, tabloids, what's the difference? Maybe tabloids are a tad bit better in terms of copy and paste operations, they add more love to the stew, the GDN blindy goes with the copy and paste operations and out comes this bland taste...

And sadly there's some really good journos in there who's creativity and potential gets stomped upon by Sir Brown Noser Williams *sighs*

SoulSearch said...

that is seriously sad. The GDN is the first English Newspaper of the island, and its not like Bahrainis can't write. There are amazing writers and the blogosphere is one big example. Why doesn't someone start a proper English Newspaper as a business and see where it goes. Otherwise, editors at the GDN need to rethink their strategy, instead of producing a paper that has been the same for the past 300 years!!!

And while they're at it, the least they can do is they could also look up the government's stance on conflicts around the world!!


LuLu said...

SoulSearch it is sad. This thing (I refuse to say newspaper!) has absolutely to relation to reality in Bahrain. It had a couple of good Bahraini writers in GDN (e.g. Tariq Khonji) but mostly really no one has an idea what's going on & then they rely on silly idiotic captions to get attention-- It's really embarrassing to think that this is the newspapers foreigners find in their hotel rooms when they get to Bahrain (ugh!).