Thursday, April 05, 2007


Does this guy really think people listen to him? Instead of addressing real issues, issues plaguing his area, issues that desparately need to be raised, he yaps about how men should marry 3 women!

What makes this "enlightened" MP think that women would want to marry someone like him, I wonder what his wife, no sorry "Wives" think of his latest remarks. What kind of a suggestion is that? Thank God the other MPs had the nerve to at least ask him to talk for himself, because being the brainy deputy that he is, he suggested that all the MPs set the example!

With a 4th grade certifcate, this guy seriously needs someone to tell him we live in the 21st century, and that Islam is not about satisfying your sexual needs by putting wives on your payroll.

Please wake up Mr. AlSaidi or go home, and spare us all your valuable opinions, we seriously don't need people like you to tell us, men and women, how to live their lives. Trust me, you are the last person anyone would want to take marriage counselling from. Women don't need men like you to live a dignified life, women are more resilient, more determined, more empowered to live an independent way of life, and don't need cavemen like you to marry them.

Go back to Riffa and see the misery that people there live in, the sewers are overflowing, the roads have huge craters in them, many houses are ready to collapse on the people living there, parking is a nightmare, the smell is unbearable, and the list can go on forever.



ThinkPink said...

Is this the same dude that proposed gender segregation in schools a while ago?

But you're spot on about the overflowing sewers and craters in the road not forgetting the nightmare of a traffic down Bokhowara.

Maybe it would be a great idea to have Model Parliament sessions by the teenagers and young adults, a mock up for the MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly) but a localized version for wonderland so that the folks who come out with interesting advice on marriage counselling can actually learn from the youth. i wonder if soomething like this exists around here, probably worth having a look at. :)

ThinkPink said...

Oh la la! Of course it's the segregation dude, i go over to M's corner and see the same smiling face that reminds me where i last saw that smile - during the era of segregation propositions.
Someone should start voting these sorts of people into the 'Just For Laughs' TV production unit in Paris.

SoulSearch said...

he would fit right into Just for Laughs, that is an hilarious suggestion!!!
thanks thinkpink


Bahraini and proud said...

segregation, marrying 3 or wives what is next ?????

i wounder if they suggest after around 15 years leaving our houses because it's a westren living dwellings and live in tents stop using the computer for it is a sin made by the white man lol....

my father is almost 75 now and he says that when locals sow the bicycle for the first time they called the horse of satan.. but at that time people were uneducated...

what excause do they have now ????

SoulSearch said...

Unfortunately there is no excuse. It is the cavemen thinking philosophy that has led to the wars in the region, the poverty, the unemployment, the corruption, and the degradation that is rife in the Arab World.
I wouldn't be surprised if more moronic suggestions are thrown on the MPs table.

Their suggestions and the issues they discuss are a complete and utter joke not to mention a waste of time, money, effort, etcetera, etcetera...

Good night Arabs, go back to your slumber, have all the nightmares that you deserve...


moodZ said...

AlSa3idi is known to be a joker in the council, I still remember the comments of Khalil AlMarzooq of AlWifaq after their second session quoted by AlAyam for saying that AlSaidi is in fact "a funny guy.."

The comment you talk about was in fact nothing but a sarcastic reply to a ridiculous issue raised by Khalifa AlDharani commenting on the spread of spinsterity among Bahraini women.

His reply does sound very acceptable if you balance it out with the irrationality what AlDharani is raising.

Please don't take me as a defender for AlSa3idi; I'm just calling things by their names.

More on the issue you raised here:

SoulSearch said...

Thanks moodz for that enlightening and unfortunate info. Iguess then both A-Dhahrani and AlSaidi should be put under the limelight, they should both be questioned for wasting time discussing spinsterial issues, when the country is plagued with so many other more important issues.


Hasan said...


Hehehe.. When I saw the title "Saidism", I thought you were making a reference to the works of Edward Said, but it turned out to be about a guy who isn't quite of that intellectual calibre. Touche.

SoulSearch said...

أين الثرى من الثريا


Gardens of Sand said...

"Go back to Riffa and see the misery that people there live in, the sewers are overflowing, the roads have huge craters in them, many houses are ready to collapse on the people living there, parking is a nightmare, the smell is unbearable, and the list can go on forever."

But Soul Search, talking about getting with it with different women is so much more fun......

Seriously though, people get what they deserve. They voted him in, they get to hear his filth and live in stench for the remainder of his term.

Hopefully next round they won't be swayed by rice sacks, sugar and 20 dinars and remember the sewers, stink, collapsing houses and vote for who can make a difference.

doe14 said...

There is one question plaguing me: Why is the legislative branch (i.e. the parliament) discussing issues very irrelevant to their role? Are they planning to propose a law that enforces polygamy? Aren’t they supposed to be proposing laws to fix the many mishaps in Wonderland? This is a parliament, not a high school debate club. But then again if its composed of a bunch of uneducated morons, do u expect any different. However, I do not blame the ppl, because the choice was not their's alone. I am a staunch believer that the elections were rigged. Hence, wts the solution: I guess everything has to get worse until the stench is so bad it forces a radical change.
Good luck to us all, the worst is yet to come...