Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring of Culture

I loved it. We had a wonderful time. This would be my idea of a perfect date.

The Arad Fort in the background, the cool refreshing breeze, the performances and the music was great.

Inspite of all the criticism and the appraisals, every person has the right to his own opinion. I missed the Marcel Khalifa shenanigan, but I would have to agree with comments made by the "enlightened" Islamist MP Mohammed Khalid, that this is kind of inappropriate for us at the moment. And as Lulu said, we shouldn't give them the chance to blow the Spring of Culture to pieces, as it is the highlight of the year.

I loved Osaka Dadada's enthusiasm and sense of humor, and Toni Hanna's Lebanese tunes and the Chehade Brothers amazing music was a blast for us. The only drawback of that evening was that we had to leave early as my daughter woke up crying and still in pain from her recent tonsillectomy.

I loved the drive to the fort, on the new Sh. Khalifa bridge, it took us 30 minutes to reach Arad from Riffa. Loved the whole evening!
Last year was a blast as well. We went to some of the shows which were really cool. I really hope this goes forward instead of being cancelled all together, cause fun things like this do tend to be neglected.

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