Monday, March 19, 2007

Bahrain's Beaches

Or the lack of them.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and my husband and I decided to take the kids for a picnic. We got to Marina Beach near the Grand Al-Fateh Mosque, and we prepared the whole picnic thing for them. They were thrilled. We had a picnic basket filled with biscuits and sandwiches and fruits and it was so wonderful to see the children jumping with joy. They were rolling on fresh cut grass, they played on the swings and when they saw the sea, they couldn't resist but head there. Although I hadn't packed towels or extra clothes for them, I thought what the heck...we're here to have fun so they might as well.

However, I am sad to say that they couldn't even take one step into the water. I'll leave you with the picture below, self-explanatory...

I hope somebody will see this sad picture and do something

about it. Its a small swath of beach anyway, it would only take a few people to clean it for everyone to enjoy. Instead of waiting for someone to do something, my husband and I would love to adopt this beach and help clean it up, any volunteers?



Noor said...

This is a common scene Amal. Unfortunately, not much attention is paid to our environment in general. It's ok that we do not see a lot of green around given the fact the our weather is not helping.. fine i am ok with that, BUT the beach!!! LET us enjoy.. ISN'T BAHRAIN AN ISLAND... oh let me correct you only at the Ritz Carlton!!!

Mohammed said...

What is new here, allow me to say that our island is like an HTML piece of land on the wold web. We need to improve it, decorate it and make it look better in the eyes of others. Don't you think we ought to talk to the municipalities person in charge, who ever he is, to come and see this....if he hasn't seen it yet, and perhaps he'll clean them immediately with a magical promise, talk to them, if you get no response grab them off their chairs and take them to see this, if they are heavy enough to lift, then take a picture of the Ritz Carlton to replace this.

moodZ said...

I really think it is sad that I had grown up on the shores of Bapco beach, AlJazayer cabins, Adhari’s mosquito bites and feeding the ducks at the Watergarden and my 5 year old nephew “Amal’s” only definition of a fun night out are two hours in Magic Island of Seef and a happy meal from McDonald. (Ok maybe a kinder egg surprise too, but that’s a different story altogether)

Many argue that such neglect and pollution is only caused by the constructional and economical boom we are living today throughout Bahrain and hence changing the priorities of the government from building green spots and clean beaches to actually satisfying the on growing need for shelter in the first place.

But yah, we live in a country without a clean, useable public beach, a public park, or any sort of outdoor entertainment.

SoulSearch said...

Thanks noor, moh'd and moodz for your comments. I am seriously hoping somebody would help me out to clean this tiny swath of beach. It would be a great service to the public who often bring their children to play, and often this beach is seriously crowded. It might be a push for municipalities to do something about beaches in Bahrain.

How about we get together on a weekend or something for about an hour or two and see how much we can help.
Do I see any hands up?


ThinkPink said...

well i just found this blog via your other phoblog, but my hand is up, what can i do to help? :P


SoulSearch said...

thanks thinkpink. Why don't we do something. Can we set a date and see how many people would be willing to participate?


ThinkPink said...

A great suggestion SoulSearch. Just responded to your other blog posting. Usually in the past i've seen loads of people "sympathizing" with the situation but it stops there, when people are actually asked to volunteer, it's a story of all hands down :P and it's just a fraction of the folks who volunteered that show up.

But it might have changed since the past 3 years here in wonderland, might be different. In fact, am sure the EFS (Enviornment Friendly Society) would love getting involved, i think they organized a major green event that either just happened last weekend or is happening next month :)

Would love to work on a green blog to raise awareness about neglected beaches and the like in Bahrain and then moblog pics to it and go haggle the people in the Environment, Wildlife and Marine protection department to do something about it. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

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