Friday, March 16, 2007


Bahrain will always be Bahrain. People here are moving a little faster than before, but it is still laidback compared to other places. When the weather changes in Bahrain, I sometimes feel the need to stop and evaluate life in Bahrain. Its been very dusty the past few days with a hint of rain, if only just a drizzle. Here are a few points I jotted down after reading a cool post by Seroo on her blog :

1. Air Conditioners are now starting to go on. Yes, it is getting stuffy, (and dusty)

2. Traffic Jams can be bad but only around roads that are getting a facelift, quite a few are btw.

3. Prices are a notch up, but you can find many brands that were not in Bahrain a few months ago.

4. Children still play on the streets around neighborhoods, thanks to the lack of proper playgrounds in some areas. But we have to acknowledge that something is finally being done and we do have a few playgrounds.

5. People still honk at coldstore guys and expect them to come out and serve them immediately.

6. Many people drink tea with milk, a strange combination for many people who are not Bahraini.

7. You can now buy Mihyawa in major supermarkets.

8. Burgerland Shawarmas have shrunk but are still as tasty as ever. Also try Tariq Pastries mini pizzas, which have never changed. They're still great.

9. I'm so glad people take off their shoes when stepping into people's homes, my kids play on the floor and I can be freaked out when some people don't!

10. Seef Mall is still THE mall to be. They have a gorgeous new extension, but some major shops are yet to open. Also their carparks are a joke, I swear I'm buying a corolla next time.

11. If you are a Riffa3i or Sitrawi, you would notice that the previously known as Al-Alawi Complex has had a major revamp, and is now known as The Center, and they have a Mango branch in there! Pizza Hut is also in the vicinity of the complex! Hurray, I love Pizza.

12. 24/7 is a really cool "coldstore" in many petrol stations, plus they have really cool decor, and a good sense of humour!!! I love their coin collection proudly displayed on the walls.

13. The GDN is still hilarious to read, and they have a tremendous amount of fashion images in their central page.

14. A new car park building is now open in the Diplomatic Area, near all the ministries and major organizations, but finding parking space is still a nightmare.

15. There are a zillion Costa Cafes, their springing like mushrooms everywhere. There's also a new complex in the making on Budaiya road, and yes there is a Costa Cafe opening there soon!

16. No one can ever be stuck if a dress needs altering or a skirt needs heming. Tailor shops are everywhere.

17. Formula 1 is next month, on the 13, 14, and 15th of April. We are expecting everything to be in a frenzy of speed.
18. Too many private universities. Too many SMS ads.

19. Bahrain will always be Bahrain.
20. Most of the time, I see the glass half full, but I have been accused of being overly optimistic about everything, even in times of crisis.

More on Bahrain, soon.




Seroo said...

Love it =)

This is great, I haven't seen the Seef Extension yet and can only imagine how cool it must be... and Al Alawi Complex - what a SHOCK!!! IT's cool now eh? I better pop down for a visit sometime soon (even though I live in Sehla)..

Thank you for putting this up... I think people forget how great Bahrain is compared to other places in the world... I know a lot of people like to tell me I'm lucky to be living away, but when you're jam packed on public transport and you're being shoved around at 8 a.m. in the morning, you really appreciate being behind the wheel of a nice, air conditioned car (by yourself!)...

Thanks again, this is fantastic =)

SoulSearch said...

You're most welcome. Love your blog, I;ve added it to Pages I read.