Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Formula of Failure=Iraq

People in Iraq keep dying, and they are forgotten in the folds of memory, where they become part of history, and a black page in America's book. People dying in Iraq should not be forgotten, they should always serve as a reminder of the tyrannical decision by the honorable George W. to invade the country, in what was initially called "Operation Iraqi Liberty" or "OIL" for short.

If we try to make sense of what is happening in the Middle East today, if we try to make a logical sequence of events since the September 11th attack on New York's Twin Towers and a simple explanation of why Iraq was invaded, we would have the following formula:

9/11 Attack in New York + Allegedly by Osama Bin Laden (who has never been captured)+ invasion of Afghanistan (and its consequent destruction and the invasion goes on till this day) + a sudden jump from Afghanistan to Iraq + Claim of presence of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Saddam Hussein's involvement (someway or another) with Bin Laden + finally, the quagmire in Iraq that is a result of George W's idiotic decision = The result:

65,000 civilians killed in Iraq alone (and the list goes on and on) + political instability + threat of Iraq being divided + insecurity + car bombs + throat slitting + thousands of gangs posing as Islamic saviors + Anti-American sentiment all over the world + Civil War

But will George W. ever admit he was wrong? Will he ever admit that his decision to Invade Iraq was a dumb one and that he had ulterior motives a.k.a. O.I.L? I wonder.

I wonder how he would react if his house was blown to pieces and his kids drowning in a pool of their own blood and his body tortured to death and be sexually assaulted in Abu Ghraib? How would he react?


Hisham said...

He'd probably react just as any other oppressed or violated individual. The problem is though, the violate and the oppressor (throw in greedy money grubber in GW's case) never has the moral sincerity to place himself in the shoes of the oppressed or violated.

SoulSearch said...

Every oppressor should be held accountable for his actions and given the same treatment he gave to people he oppressed, maybe then we would have less oppression.
But then we would be drawn into a never-ending cycle of violence.