Friday, February 23, 2007

Thought-Provoking Questions

1. How would you feel if you lived in a war zone and had nothing to look forward to?

2. Why is the word "abbreviation" such a long word?

3. What if the US decides to continue "liberating" the rest of the world?

4. Should a country be labelled "Democratic" just because it has a parliament or elects its leaders?

5. Why do good roads in Bahrain get reconstructed while some bumpy ancient roads (in less important locations such as neighborhoods) never get a facelift?

6. Why do people press harder on a remote control,when they know the battery is dead?

7. Why do Israelis cry about being repressed/discrimnated against for being Jewish and yet they continue to repress Palestinians for being Palestinian?

8. If all the world is a stage , where do the audience sit?

9. Why is it alright for Israel to have Nuclear Weapons but not Iran? Double Standards?

10. How can the US claim to export democracy and liberate countries under tyrants but detain people in Guantanamo without fair trials?

11. How can some people fall asleep with the TV blaring or relatives screaming while some people can't fall asleep in the quietest of evenings?

12. Why does the Financial Capital of the Middle East have almost 50% of its people below the poverty line?


eshda3wa said...

1. pretty desperate
2.i have no idea
3.we'll all be the new free iraq
4.No u said its less important
8.outer space?
9.its called power struggle
10.thats called abusing power
11.ppl are different
12.because only certain ppl have acess to this wealt. n its sometimes called theft

LuLu said...

1. I'd dream up something to look forward to
2. Shinsawee ba3ad
3. Oh god
4. Not at all. Democracy is accountability and public participation in decision-making. Elections, however, can be unfair and corrupt; and Parliaments can be powerless. We need the bigger pic.
5. Important people live in important places
6. Hope for miracles
7. They were repressed purely for being Jewish. Palestinians are repressed for land/political disputes. Not justifiable but not the same either..
8. Inside our heads
9. For now, the US makes the rules.. they fear Iran but not Israel
10. Bush is a moron who thinks God talks to him
11. Maybe they're in love
12. We're still the financial capital?

P.S. I like ur posts :-) I'm linking to u

Gardens of Sand said...

1. A good movie to watch about this is 'Paradise Now/Al Janna Al2aan.' Gives you a good idea what being in a war zone does to a person.
7. As a friend put it: Hitler is the best thing that happened to the Jews. Their oppression has become they're mealticket. The world hesistates to say/do anything negative to Israel because of the guilt and horror associated with the holocaust. So the oppressed become the oppressors. 9. For the same reason as 7, Israel has developed the 'never again' attitude. Wish we had some of it!

SoulSearch said...

Thanks for your comments guys. Love to read your feedback.

eshda3wa, love your name, I will check out your blog.
Lulu, thanks for stopping by, love your posts too, will link your blog too!

GOS, thanks sweetie, we miss you here in Bahrain. Take care, loved your labels post!!!