Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Arab Sorry Situation

Dear World,

A number of people asked me why I have a label called the Arab Sorry Situation; why do I write about Arabs and their never ending miseries. Why I write about Palestine, and Iraq, and Bahrain.
The Arab Situation today is seriously sad. Its not just sorry, its a lot worse than that. Arabs are on the road to a dwindling doom that will completely self-destruct soon. All Arab governments are best friends with the US while the world's superpower wreaks havoc with the rest of the world.

Arabs are dying everywhere today due to wars, famine, diseases, and basically lack of education and awareness.

Iraqis are splattered on the side of the street every day, bombs, explosions, fires, rapes, and what not. Palestinians are being crushed by the ceilings of their destroyed homes when they refuse to evacuate and watch their homes levelled to the ground. The Sudanese are left out to starve and to be raped and killed by the Janjaweed, and the Arabs sit back and drink coffee and eat dates!

Where the hell is the so-called Arab League? Where the hell is the Arab conscience? Have we all been drugged by Uncle Sam? Into watching Friends and Desperate Housewives and believing that the whole world revolves around Joey and Rachel's stupid escapades?

What do we do? Stand aside and watch our worlds self-destruct? Where is the solution? Can anybody tell me out there?

Its too depressing to watch Al-Jazeera nowadays. They usually have two Arabs sit across from each other, screaming their heads off, you don't understand anything, and end up feeling sick all over.

Isn't this one sorry situation?


Anonymous said...

Sad but true.... When was the last time the Arab League offered anything but lip service to Palestine or Iraq??? When was the last time you saw the GCC actually do ANYTHING?? Everybody talks and nobody acts. At least the U.S. acts, not wisely sometimes, but it acts all the same.

Gardens of Sand said...

Over half of the problems in the Arab world are caused by the Arabs themselves. Until we all recognize that and take our share of the blame, little can be done. Our situation is exasperated with western interests in our region and corrupt governments.

I cried when I read about Sudan's conflicts. I never knew! I watch the news, went to college, I thought I was aware. Never knew! How come and why? Why aren't the media talking about this? Why aren't the people outraged? Why did so many, including me, not know about it? Are we naymeen fel 3asal?? Why has our blood become so cheap and our lives of little value.

So many questions, so much death and conflict, yet where are the answers and where are we?

SoulSearch said...

Our downfall will definitely be our own doing. But remember the US is controlling the world right now, and consequently everybody else's life. But being the world's superpower does not entitle one to be the custodian of the world. I see America today as the root cause of many of the world's evils. Thanks to their greed for money, oil, power, etc.

No doubt, the Arabs need to get their act together, but they won't be able to make an impact if they allow themselves to be marionettes in the hands of Mr. Bush.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever worry about Africans?

SoulSearch said...

Dear Anon,
Thanks for stopping by. As a matter of fact I do. Many Africans are Arab too, Darfur is mentioned in my post, I worry about the whole world! I worry that this planet is not good enough for anyone, I worry about this planet ceasing to exist the way we're going today!