Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The GDN...The Voice of Bahrain?!@#$

Has anyone noticed or is it just me, that the Gulf Daily News is spiralling out of control. I can't stop laughing (or cringing) at their headlines or their stories, and I usually find myself wondering: Should I be laughing or crying?

It amazes me how (and by who) this paper is run. Do they even have an English-speaking Editor-in-Chief? I can't apprehend how this paper even exists.

Below are a few of my favorite headlines:

  • Mugging spree two arrested

  • Give us Green Light

  • Meat plant hit by flu reopens

  • Spies in the Skies

These have got to be classic (comic relief) headlines. Some of them even rhyme! Oh! how cute!

GDN, please invest in a couple of good writers, and maybe, just maybe, people will stop criticizing your spiralling standards.


If this is the voice of Bahrain, God help those who are listening...


Anonymous said...

I hear you! If I see one more story about Les Horton's childhood memories or his "yearning for those bygone days in the UK", I'll puke!!!!

SoulSearch said...

Seriously now, this is getting really bad. The stories they feature are just plain weird, the paper is more like a tabloid than one of the semi-official Bahraini newspapers!!!?@#$

Anonymous, check out Les Horton's column today, its about his nostalgia to the UK!!! Hurrrrraaaaayyyy!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I actually love it..sorry to disappoint you. I enjoy reading the GDN, its just as good as reading a website about weird things. Its a nice light newspaper...or should i say comic.
But its not for serious news searchers.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, I would rather read Saudi Gazette that is censored, but at least has more articulate, intelligent writing. Plus, my biggest complaint is their letter section. That is probably what sells their papers. People viciously going back and forth at each other, totally uncivilized. They are biased in what letters they print. I know someone who has sent in six letters and none of them have been printed. Probably because they happen to disagree with the GDN's point of view. Very biased.

Anonymous said...

Hi could u e mail me copies of Les Hortons " If I see one more story about Les Horton's childhood memories or his "yearning for those bygone days in the UK", I'll puke!!!!" I knew him a long time ago and would be interested to hear what he says about uk and childhood.My e mail is june-gemini@hotmail.co.uk many thanks.