Monday, February 26, 2007

African Sorry Situation

What is the world coming to? To an end, perhaps? While the US plays Big Brother and the UN is on silent mode, the world is slowly collapsing. Slow and eventual decay will eat the world up from the inside out; eventually taking us by surprise one day, when we wak up and see a total destruction of the world. The Middle East is on fire, with Iraq and Palestine as literal warzones, Africans are dying of famine and drought, Pakistan and India are exchanging blame over too many bomb blasts, Iran is at lockerheads with the West over its Nuclear ambitions, Guantanamo is not a dream but a real prison cage set up by non-other than the beloved Mr. Bush, the beacon and exporter of his version of democracy and people everywhere are in a sorry sorry situation.

A comment on my post by Anon about the Arab Sorry Situation, triggered me to post these facts about Africa:
1. Africa is the second-largest of the Earth's seven continents - covering about 30,330,000 sq km, which makes up about 22 per cent of the world's total land area.

2. 90% of all malaria cases are in sub-Saharan Africa

3. 3,000 children under the age of five die each day from malaria in Africa.

4. 1-5% of GDP in Africa covers costs of malaria control and lost labour days

5. Did you know, that Africa would have been an estimated US $100 billion better off in 1999 if malaria had been eliminated years ago?

6. 17 million people in sub-Saharan Africa have died of AIDS.

7. At least 25 million people in Africa are HIV-positive.

8. 12 million children who have lost their parents to AIDS face a precarious future.

9. Internal conflicts are burning up many African societies.

10. The media and the rest of the world loves to ignore Africa and leaves Africans to either fend for themselves or fry each other.

Africa is the troubled continent, that the rest of the world prefers to ignore, it is the continent where Aids and Malaria eat at human beings day after day while the world's superpowers never turn to think about them for a second, well because, they are just the third world, unworthy of our time, effort or money!

Seriously now, the world needs to wake up!
What do you think? What other burning questions need to be answered regarding Africa? What other major problems do you think plague this continent today? Would love to hear your feedback!



Gardens of Sand said...

Africa has more problems than I can count. The question that plagues me is WHY? Colonialism, imperialism, western exploitation of the continent still does not explain everything that is wrong. I have no expectations of the UN, it is at best a weak peace-keeping force that is unable to stop all the ethnic cleansing, child slave labor, genocide etc. What is needed as an overhaul of the societal, cultural and education system, replacing the economic structure with one that works. But how will this be implemented and who will over see it? I dunno. Can you force change upon a people, do you even have the right to?

LuLu said...

Thank you soo much for writing this. Now please allow me to engage in self-criticism: I think we Arabs and Muslims have a deep dissociative disorder. We cry out loud asking the world to take up our cause, help us, solve our problems, yet we are- collectively- unprepared to support or help others. Western-governments aside, there are strong popular/student NGO movements supporting medical & monetary aid to Africa (red campaign, save darfur coalition, etc). It took me a while to grasp how self-absorbed we are as a culture...

Gardens of Sand said...

Hey Lulu,

Your comment mirrors my exact thoughts. Muslims are doing very little to help their fellow African muslims. We are not helping our own and many of us look down on them! So why do we expect the western governments to pick up our slack. I did not even know that the Darfurians are muslims. And that they are being butchered by Arab muslims!! I was stunned when I found out and was disappointed in myself and in the rab and muslim world for turning the other eye.

I read a post on another blog commenting on how a 100 yr sentence for the soldier that raped the Iraqi girl and murdered her entire family was like a slap to the hand with a kleenex. I agree that the dude should get the death penalty but I can't help thinking, what would an arab or muslim guy get in our countries for raping women? (Pakistan anyone??)What did the general in Lebanon get for his genocide (during the civil war)?

We always like to shout out loud all the injustices the west have done to us. But we like to stay mum on the numerous injustices we are inflicting upon our breathren. I strongly believe that the root of all our problems is sadly us.

On a side not, check out Bill Gates's efforts to combat malaria and an awesome, reliable and transparent muslim charity is Islamic Relief. They are gr8 (IMHO).