Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Scores killed in Baghdad university

How much longer do people have to die for the honorable US President to admit he was wrong and get the hell out of Iraq?

Because of the large amount of news and information we are bombarded with about wars, casualties, and explosions, we sometimes tend to fail to realize the extent of the tragedy carried by a news article. Read the one below (Courtesy of AlJazeera) and see the highlighted words, 65 people killed. Not one, or two, which is just as bad, but 65 people, people who were, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. There probably were fathers, brothers, cousins; in other words these people who were mass murdered yesterday were human beings. regardless of their religion, their affiliations, their tendencies, they were fellow human beings. To all of them and their families, may they all rest in peace. Furthermore, what is worse is that these thugs are targeting University students and professors, that is they are trying to start yet another brain drain in the country.
We will grieve for them in our hearts, and I will continue to write about all the victims of this tragedy, in the hope that one day, peace will prevail.
Scores killed in Baghdad University

The bombs were exploded as students and staff left the university [AFP]
Nuri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, has said "terrorists and Saddamists" were behind the bombing at al-Mustansiriya University.

At least 65 people were killed when a car and a suicide bomber exploded outside the University on Tuesday.
More than 100 people were injured in the blast, mostly students and staff leaving the university.
Al-Maliki said: "They [those responsible] carried out an ugly crime against humanity targeting the innocent students of Al-Mustansiriya University."
An official at the university said: "The majority of those killed [in the explosion] are
female students who were on their way home."
The university blast was the fourth bomb attack in Baghdad in the space of a day, following earlier attacks on police and near a Sunni mosque in the Iraqi capital.

In other violence, at least
45 people died in a series of attacks around the capital earlier on Tuesday. Suicide bomber at university gates
A police source said that the car bomb exploded near the main gate of the university in an area where students wait for minibuses and cars to pick them up to go home.
The suicide bomber then blew himself up near a second gate as people fled.

The university official said that classes had been cancelled for two days after the attack.

Iraqi toll
UN: More than 34,000 Iraqis killed in 2006

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies


Gardens of Sand said...

You know, Iraq depresses me so much that I no longer watch the news. Pathetic I know. But add Lebanon to the mix and the arab situation looks hopeless. I don't know if the US troops leaving will be the solution though.

soulsearch said...

US troops getting out maybe the beginning of the solution. It was the US that started the quagmire and so they might as well end this fiasco.