Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Its c-c-c-cold

The Gulf Daily News ran this article today and it sure is chilly out here in Bahrain!!! I was driving to work this morning and it was 10*C. I wrapped up my daughter in so many cardigans the poor thing was walking to class like a robot! :) But its very cold, and January will probably break more records!
I love winter!


The coldest December on record!

LAST month has officially been declared the coldest December on record, the Civil Aviation Affairs Meteorology Directorate said yesterday.
"Last December, the mean temperature recorded was 16.2C, which was the lowest recorded since 1902, when it was 16.8C," said a spokesman.
The month had also been reported earlier as the wettest-ever on record, with the total rainfall measuring 119.6mm, breaking the previous record of 96.2mm, in 1974.
He said the wettest-ever January on record was in 1959, when Bahrain had 135.9mm of rainfall. The average rainfall for the month of January in any given year on record stood at 18.4mm, he added.
The spokesman said the unsettled and cloudy conditions experienced yesterday were expected to clear later today.
"Even though the weather would stabilise, it is expected to get colder over the next few days, with strong surface winds of up to 20 knots," he said.
The spokesman said the night temperatures would plunge to around 9C over the next few days, with the maximum hovering around 15C. The maximum recorded yesterday was 18C, while the minimum was 13C.

Source GDN

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