Tuesday, April 29, 2008

***** Drum Roll ***** PAINTED!!!

Hi everyone...I am an ecstaticly happy hyppie!

After much deliberations and quite a few sleepless nights, I present to you Soul's Home Sweet Home... PAINTED!!!

We went all around Bahrain to get a taste of local favorites in terms of exterior colors. Beige wins hands down, but WHICH beige is THE question!

Thanks to everyone who helped me make this decision! Thanks Mr. Soul for all your running around. Love you sweetie.

These were the 3 options that we had...

We chose the darkest one (Bahraini Diva liked that!)

Thanks everyone! I love sharing every step of construction with you guys!

Soul =)


Gardens of Sand said...

Looks great! Must be so exciting watching it all come together.

Lulwa said...

That's great news! Your house looks lovely though, amazing design I must say... But why do I have a sneaky feeling that I've driven past your house many many many times? Either that, or I'm completely insane and dilerious. :)
Lovely news though! And beautiful house :)

ammaro said...

its looking good, i must say! congrats :) when do you move in? meta el 3azeema? :p

Bahraini Diva said...

LOOKS PERFECT! ;) Congrats my dear ;)& thank you for putting my name in your post - blushing =D

SoulSearch said...

Thanks everyone for your support! we are thrilled!
Next step will be INTERIOR paint!!!
I'm seriously not sleeping tonight!!!