Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sword-wealding Head of State

On an official visit to Bahrain, President Bush honored us with his presence and asked us "to lend a hand of peace" to Israel. Awwwwwhh, the poor threatened Israelis, who so badly need our help. They are so frightened from the God-awful naughty naughty Palestinians who keep tossing fire-crackers at their parties and ruining the party mood.

Sorry Mr. President. You've got it all wrong...
You hold the sword so well. You definitely know how to wage a war or two, or three...

Let me remind you that Palestinians have been in diaspora for 60 odd years. They have been stateless across the globe and live in tents in the Occupied Land while the Israelis continue to expand their settlements on stolen lands...

Dear Mr. President,

How would you feel if you had to live in a tent all your life, rummage thru the rubble of your home, watch strangers confiscate your property, and kill you son or daughter for suspecting them of supporting their freedom movements?
Wake up and smell the Palestinian +Iraqi blood spilling everywhere, or is it only OIL up your nostrils?
(Operation Iraqi Liberation = OIL)

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GAEA said...

I agree with you and your response. I would like to show you a way to create the world you wish our presidents would uphold.