Monday, January 07, 2008


Woke up to a very cold morning, the dusty mistaken for misty ones didn't help my allergies!

But its lovely to feel the cold finally come to Bahrain! We seriously need a break from the heat and the airconditiong...

Check out the temp:

9 DEGREES, celcius that is!! My kids were so jumbled up with shawls and jackets my son coul hardly walk!!! hehehe ... and the comments I get, are "Mom, relax, its not snowing!"
Cheeky monkeys!!!
You can also see that my car has run past the 40,000 km mark! which means it needs maintenance!!!


Redbelt said...

Don't forget maintenance. I can tell from your gauges that your car is American? better get that serviced up quickly. said...

actually, if its an american car, it doesnt really need service. its gonna break down anyway.

and thats probably not an accurate 9 degrees. could be anything between 1 and 18 degrees. american car gauges are 'approximate'. you probably didnt get to 40,000km either :p

Re.Loaded Soul said...

1. How you can prove that this is your car?

2. If it is yours, how you can prove that the picture has not been edited?

3. If it has not, how you can prove that it is not too old picture?


Happy-at-last-some-chilly-breeze-day-at-Bahrain! They said it gonna last for a couple of days, so take care of your lovely kids..

SoulSearch said...

Ammaro, redbelt: you're both right, my car is American. Its only one year old so its good for now. But i'm sure "el-3elal" will start next year! I hate American cars, but my husband was dying for one!
redbelt: don't worry sweetie, this is really my car. I wouldn't have time to edit a picture even if I wanted to! Just posted the pic for fun and records!