Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Beirut Burning again...

I weep for Beirut, my lovely country. I weep for the destruction that evil has bestowed upon it last night and the last few days.

Some wackos calling themselves- Fateh Al-Islam, who are basically a bunch of criminals released into Lebanon as part of a bigger plot to destroy Lebanon, have been sent to wreak havoc in the country by planting bombs and terrorizing and killing innocent people. Check out the BBC news on the latest fighting in Lebanon here.

What is worse is the number of army personnel killed by these supposed "Palestinian Refugees" who placed snipers everywhere and killed 31 Lebanese soldiers in 2 days?!!! That is astounding!!!

That would only point to one thing that these people are trained army personnel or ex-soldiers who have recieved army training and have a purpose in destroying a country that has had enough of their reign of terror!

One thing that amazes me is that there is so much speculation about whether these guys are Al-Qaeda and about who is their main instigator, whereby the truth is blatantly out there. That instigator is otherwise known as Syria!!!

What is going to happen? Do more innocent people have to die to prove that Syria reins powerful over the whole region? Does the country have to fall back into the abyss of civil war to appease everyone's anger?

People needs to come together and understand that they eventually have to live together, whether they were Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Maronites, Druze, etc. etc,

I pray for peace, and for evil to lift its grip off Lebanon.




doe14 said...

Its awful. However, I disagree about the instigator being obviously Syria. I just do not think that the Syrian government is stupid enough to start something like that at this time when the US is waiting to launch a war on Iran and maybe Syria. I feel thats too naive. Actually, I think that stability in Lebanon would serve Syria at this critical time when the US is pointing fingers about terrorist links and looking for an excuse to eliminate opposing regimes, and destroy their countries in the process. Who benefits from this instability? I do believe all Lebanese need to unite and combat this conspiracy to destroy Lebanon. Maybe Hezbollah should be recruited to eliminate the terrorists, after all they did a gr8 job with the Israelli army, these morons should be a piece of cake.

Gardens of Sand said...

Hi SS, I started a comment that grew way to long so I posted a thread on my blog in response to your post! Hope you don't mind.. I really need to learn to summarize!!

aMaL said...

No one knows what can happen. It's such a shame that America turned the whole area into a psychotic miniature war boardgame.
I say we revolt!

Nisreen said...

Hi SoulSearch,

I don't know, with all the death and destruction around the world it does not surprise me that this is happening now. This is the biggest fitna of all...

No, i definitely don't think it is Syria. It would be too naive and unperceptive enough of us to accuse Syria of being the instigator in this- only serves the US and Israel to do so in fact. The next target for these terrorists will probably be Syria anyways... As always, who is the no. 1 benefactor in all of this... Syria, the US, Israel? In my personal opinion (which i assume goes with the general consensus)the USA and its 'bastard' counterpart Israel are the prime culprits here. These murderous radical so-called "Islamic" movements are mere puppets in the hands of their American-Zionist Masters. This is not about some ongoing conspiracy theory out to nail the US government for everything that is going on, just simply the lucid truth in place with plain logic and unrefutable evidence.

My heart goes out to all the innocent people that have been victims of this criminal demonic plan.

Words of reassurance:
ظهر الحق وزهق الباطل إن الباطل كان زهوقا

ونعم بالله العزيز الجبار

It's ok... time will prove all. Soon insha'Allah.


SoulSearch said...

Thanks for your feedback guys. I agree with you doe14 about Hezbollah erasing these nutcases from existance in a single battle. But what surprises me is their lack of involvement in this mascarade.

What is another surprise is the US government's contribution today to the Lebanese Army, with 5 planeloads of ammunition. Its like they can't wait for a conflict to start for them to start selling more guns and ammunition! I guess war is good for their sales, so bring on the nitty gritty conflicts between those no good dirty "A"rabs so we can sell 'em more guns. They might as well just kill each other and spare us the trouble!!!!

Would you be surprised if that was the kind of attitude we face as a nation?
GOS, I'll check out your thread! thanks hon.


Cradle of Humanity said...

We all weep Beirut with you...

I've been wondering the past week though, has Fateh Al-Islam been known to anyone before the last conflicts? BBC's website claims they've been there since Nov 2006. I personally have only come to know of them recently, but then again I don't know the depths of Lebanese politics.

What are they fighting for? Why are they bombing fellow Lebanese people? What are they planning to achieve? What do they gain out of all of this?


You are one great nation from one great land, resilient you have always been. Stand strong, Beirut needs you.