Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Desert

Because my dad is a chef and specialized in Lebanese cuisine, I've always taken it for granted that we have tabouleh, stuffed vine leaves, chicken fata for lunch, and kunafah, baqlawa, and basboosa for desert.

However, I went into a lebanese cooking frenzy in the past few months, and decided to cook all things Lebanese, that have always been there on the table but very difficult to attempt cooking.

I made tabouleh the other day, and the last weekend I made Kunafah. My dad was all smiles, proud of his offspring, at her first attempt at real Kunafah. And it was a major hit, my husband loved it, my brothers downed it, my cousin almost finished it, and of course my dad and mom were like proud parents at their eldest child's graduation.

I'll leave you with my Kunafah!

p.s. the little bite on the side was Amoona. She couldn't resist but take a bite!! =)


Butterfly said...

I like Kunafah and from the picture I can say you are a good cook mashalla.

I want Kunafah .. now :( you are toturing us with these posts.

aMaL said...

That's it, I postponed my trip to LalaLand and i'm coming over to have some mlookheyee, tabooleh and knafe tomorrow at your place.
You take a sick leave. I come eat.
And i'll watch the kids for you, deal?

Gardens of Sand said...

YUMMO! all this experimenting while I am not here. Life is so UNFAIR...sigh!!

Seriously, you better be making all this gr8 stuff when I get back!

doe14 said...

hmmmm. r u sure it was amoona or amoona's mom who couldn't resist taking a bite. How abt u UPS me a piece :) You better be making delicious stuff when I come back..which is soon by the way

SoulSearch said...

Thanks guys for your show of support for my humble attempt at knafeh, it easier to make than I thought and my dad downed a huge piece, which he shouldn't have cause he's diabetic, but thats another story. So I guess it was good, phew!

Promise to make it for all of you guys once your back inshallah, You have got to come over one day and we can have a Lebanese-food party!!!


nido said...

How about you share the recipe? I've got Palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians all around me constantly showing off their Freekeh and Basbooseh skills. And we're very competitive at cooking. I'd like to beat them at their own game!

Seroo said...

you know, knaifeh is my faaaaaaaavourite.... :)
good job!

SoulSearch said...

sure Nido, thanks seroo, send all requests to my email address: and i can send you the recipe? Or how about I out it up on my blog? whichever you prefer!
You'll beat them for sure! This is a kicka** recipe! I had two kids waiting to start painting and I finished it on time!! Beat that!

Thanks for stopping by.


Seroo said...

Because you're such a great chef, I think you should put your recipes on the blog - because they'll be recorded here, they can be copyrighted as your own so you're safe from recipe-thieves...

I confess you won't be safe from recipe "borrowers", but don't worry, we'll give you full credit =)

nido said...

I suggest on the blog! Sharing is caring... and please don't leave out any "secret" ingredients!

SoulSearch said...

Lol, hahaha, you guys are hilarious. I can almost see you guys drooling. No worries. I promise to post the recipe soon, with no "secret" ingredients left out ;)