Tuesday, April 24, 2007

On Terrorism and Virginia Tech

Its been a while now since the Virginia Tech Massacre by the estranged Cho, who chose to take his own life and the lives of 32 other people with an unclear motive.

The attacker is being described by everyone including the media as an unstable, young man. He seemed to be angry, depressed and basically with a few screws loose in his head. That I can comprehend. But what I fail to understand is the lack of questions being posed by the same media that make a fuss about Islamic fundemtalism and Jihad.

Not one of the many TV stations or other media outlets ever made a connection to the words he uttered in his "video". The dude actually said: "Thanks to you I die like Jesus Christ" and many other references he made to Christian fellowship and the church... Why isn't anyone making a connection to this act as an act of religious terrorism, as is the case with other acts of terrorism that have been blatantly linked to Islam simply because the attackers were Muslim! Why is a connection not made between his act and his "inspiration"? Could he have been reading the Bible perhaps? Where there are many references to martyrdom and killing your enemy, and other similar statements? Why is that only applied to Muslims?

Can these same standards be applied to Israeli soldiers who choose to open fire on Palestinian unarmed civilians who try to cross the border to go to work, simply because they are not of the Jewish Faith? Or the collective punishment bestowed upon the Palestinians because they are Muslims or Christians and not Jewish?

There are many questions that need to be answered. So many issues that are so obviously wrong and we choose to turn a blind eye to injustice...

Do I see double standards here? Or is this rule applied only to Muslim "terrorists"? If someone chooses to act in a certain manner, is his religion the only factor to blame? Or can we also blame anti-depressants?

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Gardens of Sand said...

The same thought came to my mind, why wasn't the attack linked to his faith like the Islam is linked to Muslim terrorists?