Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Our Dream Home

Update on the construction of our dream home.

The roofing of the ground floor is now in place!! Its so exciting. We now have a roof over our heads when we enter the site.!!! It is so cool. The staircase is also solid enough to climb up and you can see the main rooms upstairs.

Alot of work has to be done. the walls of the bedrooms are taking shape but we have to decide everything. We met with the electrician yesterday and decided where to place sockets and electric outlets. Its kind of difficult to plan everything right now, you have to decide where you want to place the TV set, where you want the light switches, where you want to place the beds, and so on. You have got to have a good imagination and try to visualize how the place will look and to decide where everything goes.

We're going around looking for lights now, next comes the finishing, for the bathroom tiles!

Can't wait to move in...




aMaL said...


how exciting!

Gardens of Sand said...

Love the home updates. This is soo exciting and it couldn't happen to a more deserving family!

SoulSearch said...

Thanks for your comments girls. Any bright and creative ideas, I'm all ears!!
You guys will be invited to a home warming dinner party, as soon as we move in, I promise!!!


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

mabrook inshallah..

about the sockets, whatever you do, DOUBLE THEM! you will never get enough. don't go for just one socket per wall, put TWO per wall and you will STILL see that you need more!

and as far as where the TV goes, don't depend on extension strips, they're a fire hazard, calculate that you should have a whole slew of sockets on that wall:

1. TV
2. DVD
3. VHS
4. Stereo
5. Sat1
6. Sat2
7. Amp
8. light
9. spare

see what I mean?

Good luck with your construction and I hope that this house will be filled with happiness and good omens for you and yours.

SoulSearch said...

Thanks Mahmood, I'm glad you dropped by. Just told my husband to ring the electrician right now and double those outlets, I knew I'd need more, and that's what they're working on today, thanks to you!!!