Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Orphans Sponsorship Scheme

One of the best services of some Islamic Charity Societies in Bahrain is the "The Orphans Sponsorship Scheme", whereby you basically request a monthly standing order to be deducted from your account. I love the idea as you would help in aiding children in war zones, and get periodical updates about the child, his/her school report card, and his/her photo.

I encourage everybody to try it out, it is a wonderful scheme, very well organized, and you would be aiding in supporting the most vulnerable segment of society. The forgotten victims of wars or poverty and to top it all off, either lost one parent or both, shattering their dreams by disasters and aggression around them.

This scheme is organized by the Human Welfare Committee of AlEslah Society, which currently sponsors more than 3500 orphans inside and outside Bahrain. You can choose the child, choose the country and start supporting him/her.

Call them on 17-333090 ex. 129 for more details. They have a booklet detailing the above information, and a form for the sponsorship scheme.

Go on, do your part for the children of the world.



Gardens of Sand said...

Hey, I really like that kinda charity programs but I am wary of them at the same time. There are numerous orgs like this in the US and nearly all of them have terrible ratings when it comes to the percentage of donated money directly supporting an orphan. The admin costs etc can be high and pennies are left to charities.

Does this org have any breakdown of sorts that show what percentage of donations cover admin costs and how much goes to charity? I would be interested in seeing that. Also important is how much workers are being compensated and the guys on top. Charity Navigator is a good way to see what a good breakdown is.
I would not give to a charity where admin costs constitute 30% of donations. Islamic Relief are gr8, low admin costs and are rated 4 stars. They have a similar program. I am comfy giving to them.

In Bahrain, I would rather hand the money directly to a family/orphan in need.

Gr8 topic, thanks for bringing it up.

doe said...

I agree with GOS. The reliability of the organization we r donating the money to is very important. In addition to the possibility of theft of part or all of the donation, there is the risk of your money being used for other things that are undeclared. Unfortunately in Bahrain the activities of charities are not schrutinized to protect the donating public's interests. Therefore it is a lot better to do ur charity in your own nieghborhood. Anyway, "Alaqraboon awla bil ma3roof". Of course helping people in war zones is essential. In that case try to find an organization with a proven track record and history of charitable work. International organizations are a good option. I myself like Islamic Relief, thanks for telling me about them GOS. SoulSearch thanks for bringing this up, and enabling us to discover yet another aspect that needs to be improved on in our beloved home.

Anonymous said...

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