Friday, February 02, 2007

Life Happens when...

As you read this, please note that more than 60 Iraqi people died in yet another bomb blast today. A few other Palestinians lost their lives while 3 or more million Palestinians live under the rubble of their destroyed homes. Also please note that thousands or millions in Darfur are way below the poverty line, they can't seem to remember ever seeing a line anywhere above them.

People in the warzone that is Iraq are dying. Being killed by blind rage, or pure evil. They are people, flesh and blood and probably felt every pain that the explosion caused in their poor bodies. There will probably be a wife mourning, or a husband dying or an orphan confused. A brother lost a sister on the brink of insanity or a mother who will never feel like a human being again, after having lost her precious child.

While we while away our days, worrying about our cars, our roads, our vacations, our bank accounts.

Life can have an eternal number of view points.

What's yours?



aMaL said...

It’s all balanced, in spite of the pain and blood and dirt and hunger and injustice.

Life is all each one of us sees and more. Life is amoebic. It’s a mixture and a confused and confusing bundle of our trivial interpretations of it.

To me, life is what and how I see it at the moment. Now it’s sickening. In a few seconds it can be beauty and joy.

P.S. Do I sound mad? Cuz i'm not..

SoulSearch said...

I agree amal, I do believe that Life is what you make it, but what is mind boggling sometimes is when life is so fragile, it ends in a second, like losing a loved one in a car crash or a pipe bomb planted in a baby's crib. It scares me to know that life can be so unpredictable we can never tell the consequences of our next step.

I just wish all the wars would just end. I literally feel weak everytime I feel my own helplessness when I watch the evening news.


p.s. Thanks for all your comments, I love to get your feedback...