Friday, February 02, 2007

The Juffair Gang

Being the beginning of the long awaited weekend, my hubby and I decided to go out and grab a bite. We were thinking of something fast and in the car, so we turned into the new restaurant cluster in Juffair, near the US Navy base. And boy were we in for a show...

We were going around the new Juffair road that has all the "cool" places to hang out like Starbucks, Chilli's, and Fakhruddin, (sorry, that place is old news now) and the amount of people just amazed me. Any girl caught driving on that road was clearly a target to Saudis sticking their tongues at her (is that supposed to be sexy???#$%), Qataris trying to give her their mobiles (and not just the number), Bahrainis trying to look too cool for school.

At that moment, I was glad I wasn't alone on that road, as my trustee spouse was in the driver's seat but, I really felt sorry for the girl who was in the car in front of us. Now, I can't tell for sure if she was enjoying all the attention (whether negative or positive) but I wouldn't have wanted to be in her shoes, even if I was looking (desperately) for attention.

This fiasco also happens on a daily basis in Adliya, Bokowara, and the famous Exhibition Road, althu the legend of this place has now been overtaken by Saudi males and Moroccan females.

While the rest of us sleep in the comforts of our homes, Life continues beyond our doorstep.


p.s. On a second thought, am I getting old?!#$%^&


aMaL said...

Yes, luv, I think you are!

Seriously though, though I'd be annoyed like sh*t if ANYONE of ANY nationality thinks they'd immediately get into my pants as soon as they slapped me with their number as I, innocently, drove in Jufair Highstreet in a quest for a cup of black coffee, I must say that I perfectly understand that ignorant repressed p*nises tend to overobsess about the forbidden.

It exists everywhere. What happens here is nothing compared to the verbal and physical sexual harassment women suffer from in many uncivilized areas. Take this from a girl who was turned into a Gladiator after living in some gigantic Arab village for four years ;)

F. Mattar said...

I really miss those days, I used to enjoy humiliating these morons, as they stood there shocked, mouths open, when instead of an eye lash flutter and a smile, they got:

"Maybe your SISTER wants to meet guys like you, BUT I DON'T! Yalla!"

SoulSearch said...

Hey guys,
Thanks for your comments.
amal, I guess its the reason why they huff and puff after anything that even resembles a female.

They need to get a life!!!

F.mattar, the attention is at times uplifting, but not if it gets too overbearing, and believe me these guys can take it to extremes...


Anonymous said...

I agree the attention is uplifting, and now that we are older we understand how ridicolous it all us. But what i am embarrased to say i dont get the attention i feel and believe i'm sad!!!! but unfortunatly true