Thursday, February 15, 2007

If not the US...?

My favorite blogger, Gardens of Sand, has commented on the Al-Aqsa mosque post of yesterday, and she is of the view that we should not blame the US for our failings especially the desecration of the Holy Al-Aqsa mosque.

I just want to clarify a few points regarding the Palestinian Question:

  • It is true that Arabs and Muslims have done little, if not nothing at all about the Palestinian issue, this is apparent as Palestinians refugees are scattered everywhere in the Arab World and elsewhere, and most of them are still stateless.
  • It is true that many Arabs have diplomatic relations with the Terrorist State of Israel, some go as far as exchanging ambassadors.
  • It is true that some history books would say that many of the Palestinians sold out their own lands in exchange for huge amounts of money that would be of no value today, as they have been made homeless, stateless.


  • It is also true that Israel has the World's Superpower as its main ally.
  • It is also true that the neo conservatives and zionists of America virtually control the lobby/parliament and can funnel support and financial aid to the Jewish State, ever year, 2 Billion US Dollars of American tax money!!
  • It is also true that the US manipulates the United Nations as an organization, like marionets on a string!!
  • It is also true that the US is usually the only country that backs Israel in the Security Council and has never condemned any of the millions of massacres Israel has committed against the Palestinians.

If the US is not to blame for raising a spoilt brat of a country that has grown into a hungry monster, then I don't know who is.

Israel continues to confiscate Arab lands, only today there was a protest in the Golan Heights, by its Arab population for having Israel impose the Israeli identity on them. Israel continues to shed Palestinian blood, and Arab tears. Unfortunately, our Arab leaders are all deaf, dumb and blind to everything that is happening around us. They prefer to hold on to their seats and not upset the greeen hairy monster that commandeers their every move.

May Peace prevail in Palestine and in Iraq.




Gardens of Sand said...

Hi Soul Search, ouch, wince and then shake

I agree with everything you said on this post. Each watches for their own. The jewish lobby in the US is very strong and jews most of whom are avid zionists, control the media and money positions. So its only expected that they influence the US government's foreign policy. I don't expect any different.

Sometimes I wonder why arabs and muslims aren't following the jews example. As much as we are, as much as some of us have, as much wealth as our countries have, we still don't exert a tenth of the influence that the zionists do. Why? Maybe because we are not as dedicated to our cause and our people.

There are many problems befalling us, but we still remain our worst enemies. Our situation saddens me beyond words.

Thanks for the posts Soul, you definately have given me alot to think about.

SoulSearch said...

I love reading your comments GOS, sadly the Arabs can never unite. They are all sunnis, shiites, 3arab, 3ajam, ebdawah, and what have you. In Bahrain alone, a country of half a million people, and how many sects and kinds of Arabs do we have?
I guess we need a new generation to free us from the chains.

And as long as we live by that mentality, I guess we would have to accept the walls Israel fences around the Palestinians.

May Peace Prevail