Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Al-Aqsa Mosque

Seriously, now. Where is everybody? What are we doing? Where are we going? Do we see what's happening? Do we read the papers? One of Islam's most holiest sites is about to be demolished by the enemy and what do we do?
No one has really done anything about it. Palestinians live and die everyday, while we watch, and nothing ever happens. No one ever speaks up. All afraid of good old Uncle Sam, the big butch, who is able to crush all the Arabs like roaches, while guzzling up their black gold in a big gulp, using Iraq as his funnel.

Congratulations, to us. Congratulations to all the Arabs and Muslims everywhere. Don't come crying when other holy sites will be next on the American agenda.


Gardens of Sand said...

SS, I don't think it isn't an american agenda. Most americans, I am sad to say, would not know what or where Al-Aqsa is and would be shocked at what is happening there (I wonder how many Arabs do). The problem is they don't and frankly, it isn't there problem.

As I see it, it isn't a religious or national issue but rather one that belongs to an ideology. It is a zionist agenda, sure there are american zionists, but what is even more dangerous is the zionist arabs, or the sympathizers.

Besides, why should we blame America. I blame us. How many arabs and muslims know what is going on and how many of them care enough to do something? Now I am not talking about governments who at the end of the day align their actions to where their interests lie, but what is the average person doing: NOTHING!

So let us put the blame where it rightfully belongs: on US. So many of us have become apathetic, as if this is not our blood that is being spilled, not our mosques and churches being raised, not our land that is being robbed. This is the real danger and until we change them, nothing will change.

Thanks for doing your part, bringing it to attention. If only more people will do what they can, we would all be in a better place.


Gardens of Sand said...

Hey Soul, its GOS again. Doe and I had a discussion about your post (I hope it stirs similar discussions for all who read it). I think I came on too strong in my earlier post, I certainly agree with alot of what you say, but I still feel that we could and should (myself included) do something more. I feel that we, esp the younger generation have fallen into a stupor ('what's the use, nothing will change' attitude) I don't expect much from the governments, but I would love to see the people do something. We are more powerful than we think.

Much love and respect to you.

SoulSearch said...

Thanks GOS, Thanks Doe, I certainly appreciate your points of view. I totally agree we as Arabs and Muslims are not doing enough, heck we're doing nothing... but the arrogance of the Israeli government is unprecedented in any other part of the world. Can you believe that the Israeli government has proposed to fix a live cam where the excavations are being done near the Holy Al-Aqsa mosque? And broadcast it over the internet. If they didn't have the backing of the world's superpower, I don't think they would have been able to be so pompous!!!

Israel enjoys the full backing of America, and no other country in the world had kicked out 3 to 4 million people and occupied their homes, their lands and confiscated their trees and groves (which are their livlihoods) without ever having the United Nations ever imposing any sort of sanctions. Any other country commiting such a henious crime against humanity would be demolished by the US. Take Iraq for instance. The US took the decision of invading Iraq...why? B'coz Saddam allegedly had Weapons of Mass Destruction, and where is it? Nowhere!

I hope one day we would be able to claim Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian State, where all the people of the diaspora return to their homeland.

SoulSearch :)