Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Palestinian Homes Destroyed, Courtesy of The US of A

It never ceases to amaze me how the United States of America pretends to be the beacon of freedom, and consequently running the world, exporting their version of democracy, and still turn a blind eye to the attrocities committed in many parts of the Arab World. And I don't mean the attrocities committed by the Arab regime, but by American troops or their ignorance of in-your-face crimes. Vis a vis Palestine, Iraq, etc.
Most noted of these crimes against humanity are the destruction of Palestinian homes in the name of security for the Israelis.
Today officials from Hamas have declared that they would never recognize Israel, and they have my total support. If I were a Palestinian why in the world would I accept the fact that Zionists from all over the world were put on planes and ships and brought to my country to share my home? and not only that, but to slowly, slyly and shamelessly kick me out while they're at it, and leave me stranded in a refugee camp somewhere on the street? My children homeless, my belongings destroyed, my security shattered?
Imagine being a refugee in your own country for nearly 60 years?
And Hamas is being punished (along with the rest of the Palestinians) for not recognizing Israel.
To hell with Israel and their recognition.

The United States is a key player in the politics of this tragedy. The Palestinians live in misery while Israelis enjoy the spoils of war, and float on Palestinian blood, just below the surface. One day this will all blow up in their face and they will then realize that the crimes against humanity that have been committed against the Palestinians will be the scar they have to live with for the rest of forever.
Tonight the government of the United States can rest assured that another Palestinian family has been added to the long list of refugees lining up under yet another tent, in the cold winter, while we snuggle up with hot cocoa in our hands and under our warm blankets.

To Palestine, with Love,

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