Sunday, January 28, 2007

Beirut Burning...again

It was just another day in the life of many Arabs, your usual dosage of Iraqis killed, Palestinians made homeless, and along comes the latest carnage in Beirut. Two intelligent Arabs decide to have a swing at each other, dragging the rest of the country and the entire Arab world into mayhem, confusion, and every other aspect of fear and insecurity. I watched in confusion my country on fire. Stupid young men wrecking their country, burning tyres, smashing cars, and burning them while they're at it, and planting fear and instability to a country that has yet to rise from the crippling 33 days of intensive Israeli air raids.

We were getting ready to go out to dinner, my folks were excited that we would sit down and have a meal together in a fancy restaurant when we switched to Jazeera and saw Lebanon being pulled to more sectarian carnage. Dinner was cancelled, frenzied telephone calls to my aunts, my uncles, and my cousins, who all live in Beirut. All they could say was we're all fine, what else could they say. We watched in shock the brave Jazeera correspondent and his entrepid cameraman who documented what happened between the two main parties of Lebanon.

Hizbollah and Future movements both trying to hold the reins that will pull the cart. Both leaders appealing to the youths to get off the roads.

The result 5 people killed, 3 of them soldiers trying to prevent this war from spreading.

300+ people injured and in pain, scarred for life.

More people leaving the country, more people will not visit the country for fear, while tourism is the bloodline of Lebanon.

The result: instability, fear, shock and more tension on the bumpy Arab road.

We need to realize that sectarianism is a pit that can swallow us whole. We need to understand that Sunnis and Shiites need to put aside their differences and stop categorizing themselves by sects. In a country such as Lebanon, the society is a complex web of sects and releigions. We need to live side by side, and realize that at the end of the day, we are all the same, we all want the same thing, we all have the same needs, dreams, fears, and ambitions.

To Lebanon,
may peace prevail,




aMaL said...

dunno what to say.. this is as stupid as the late civil war.. and the ones burning and shouting are extremely selfish and narrow minded..

Gardens of Sand said...

There are too many hands attempting to stir the pot that is Lebanon. I dare say that Lebanon is exactly where many leaders and politicians want it to be: on the brink of chaos.

What did the assasination and the following violence accomplish? Who came to the forefront, who was asked for help and who was blamed. In my humble opinion, Lebanon is right where the 'powers at be' want it to be.

Gone is the golden child, the beacon of freedom and democracy, what all arabs look up to and aspire to become.

What you are left with is a scary example showing all arabs that democracy is something they will never be allowed to achieve, a dream lost because we are too into our own selves, rather than what is for the greater good.

Gardens of Sand

Gardens of Sand said...

There are many hands attempting to stir the pot that is Lebanon. I dare say that Lebanon is exactly where many leaders and politicians want it to be: on the brink of chaos and a civil war.

Who benefited from the assasination? Who rose as a lead player, who was asked to help and who was blamed? In my opinion, Lebanon is part of a long series of mayhem raining down on the Middle East.

The 'powers at be' with the help of their minions have succeeded in accomplishing what they planned for Lebanon; gone is the golden child, the shining example of democracy, which all Arabs look up to and aspire to become.

What you are left with is a scary situation that serves a clear warning to all Arabs and Muslims: A divided house cannot stand, and more importantly: democracy is something we will never be allowed to achieve because we are too involved in our own selves rather than the greater good.

Gardens of Sand.

Gardens of Sand said...
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soulsearch said...

Thanks Gardens of Sand, Lebanon continues to be at the heart of many controversies. The way I see it I believe that Lebanon is so beautiful many hands want to tear a piece of it.

Anyways, my only hope is that politicians can stand aside and let people live in peace.


soulsearch said...

Thanks amal,

they were just a bunch of airheads trying to show their muscles, but with the current tension created by politicians, the result was that black day where Beirut was turned into a Battlefield.

May peace prevail,