Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Arab Bumpy road...

You kidnap Hamas people, we kidnap Fatah people. In addition to the quagmire that Israel has created in Palestine, Palestinians have created more fear and tension by kidnapping and fighting one another. This comes as part of the latest disasters to hit the Arab World.

Its not enough what Israel has been doing for the past 50+++ years,

its not enough what the US-led invasion has done to Iraq,

its not enough that people in Darfur are dying every day,

Palestinians are at each others' throats in a tit for tat civil war that no one wants to address.

Its funny how we all go about our own business,

Governements are silent,

NGOs are silent,

The UN is silent (as always)

while mayhem erupts everywhere, people are killed in scores, while we continue to go to work, go shopping, attend birthdays, and basically live our lifes without a second thought for what is happening around us.

I rant and rave about the state of the world, but is there anything we can do? Could I join an organization or send some sort of aid or what???

I don't get it,

Israeli officials have began construction of a Jewish temple on the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem, and what are Arabs and Muslims doing? Uhhhhhh, let me guess, "Nothing"... oh, yes, nothing...

We stand by while our scared sites are destroyed, we stand aside when people are killed, when their homes are destroyed, when their children are orphaned, and we basically do nothing!

It makes me afraid to raise my children in this world, it just makes me feel insecure, and forever apprehending the next disastor to hit us.

God help us all,



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