Sunday, August 24, 2008

Seif's 4th Birthday

A few updates from my time off...

We celebrated Seif's 4th bithday with a CARS cake! He was thrilled.
I discovered he's such a shy boy! I love him.

Happy Birthday Sufyano.
I love you sweetheart.


We took a roadtrip to Kuwait, the kids loved it. Its great when you can convert your carseats to a bed for them. They loved the makeshift feeling! Shopping is amazing in Kuwait and the weather was not as bad as Bahrain. We were able to breathe for two minutes with no ACs, unlike Bahrain!!! Humidity is what is killing us here!!!
We did alot of shopping from IKEA, we actually spent the entire day there!!! The Avenues are huge!!! But you've got to have a huge budget because the Bahraini Dinar drops drastically before the might Kuwaiti Dinar!!!
Peace to you all...


Gardens of Sand said...

7abeebi, el 3omer killa inshallah!

SoulSearch said...

Thanks Sweetie...when will you be back?