Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Whole Wheat Battle

Every morning,I wage a mini battle with my kids. They run to the kitchen, hoping to get there before me, to enjoy white bread or their favorite bleached cereal. But as soon as I am in there, I try to feed them what's good for them. I try!

For Lunch, its the same thing. They come home and expect white pasta or the more traditional white rice and can't imagine themselves eating anything with a tinge of brown.

What is a career mom to do? I need to rush to the office in the morning and don't have much time to argue, so I am sad to say that they win more often than I would like. HELP

I'm supposed to raise my children on whole wheat in a white bread world!

I hate white bread, who invented it & why? who thought of bleaching nature's beautiful bounties, nature's warm colors & goodness to deliver to our tables the un-nutritional white products? They must be evil....

Seriously... white bread is bad for you

The problem in Bahrain is not all nearby grocery stores (what we call cold stores) have brown bread on their shelves. I have to go all the way to a bakery to buy brown bread which is 5 times the price of white bread and then I come home to wage the Wheat Battle with my kids! & Brown Rice is out of the question. When you go into a shop to ask for it, they don't even know what you're talking about! Even whole wheat pasta doesn't seem to be readily available...

What's a caring mama gotta do to get her little kiddies to be whole wheat kids...



Nishani said...

Hey There! Just read your article. I didn't know that whole wheat products were that hard to find in Bah. A suggestion I can make is to make sure that your fridge and pantry is always stocked with foods YOU want you kiddos to eat. That way if the bad stuff is not around they are less tempted to eat it. Just refuse to buy the junky stuff.

I had no idea that whole wheat bread was 5x the price?! Good heavens! Here's another a bread machine and make your own bread during the weekend (enough to last the week). That way you control the ingredients and the kids can help you make the bread, and I'm sure they'll enjoy eating something that they've made v/s yucky store bought white toilet paper bread which is what we call evil white bread in our house. :D

- Nishani

Gardens of Sand said...

I only eat brown bread now. I hated it when I first started, but now I prefer its taste to white bread. Nishani is right, having white bread, etc in the house is too tempting, its easier to eat the brown bread if there is not option.

Toasting the bread will make it taste less than brown bread. Try having a peanut butter smiley face or make a face with bananas or making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich may make it better?

Do they like Cheerios? It is a good cold cereal. Also maybe you can substitute rice so it isn't what they eat everyday for lunch (difficult in Bahrain).

Try making broccoli or veggie pita pizza out of whole wheat pita. Easy and so yummy.

It is so difficult for adults to eat healthy given all the temptations, I can imagine how it is like for our kids.

لامنتمي said...

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ammaro said...

is it really that bad? i remember reading something not so long ago sayin that white bread really isnt as bad as everyone makes it seem. i guess you shouldnt cramp them up too much, this is gonna cause them to eat any junk they can get their hands on when theyre out with friends and stuff... but yeah, just make sure its all balanced, good luck

SoulSearch said...

Thanks all for your comments. White bread isn't thehealthier choice that's for sure. Its been a week now since I've tried to sneek it into our diets, and it seems to be holding. Toasting really helps. Thanks GoS!