Sunday, June 22, 2008

Birthday Girl...The Fairy

She had 4 birthday parties, she was soooo excited.

I had to do one at school, one in my in-laws, one in my parents, and one at my grandma's!

She wore her cutie pie fairy costume, and she had a blast!!!

Birthdays have always been special to me, so I wanted her to feel very special on hers!

I love to see her smile, to jump around with happiness, innocence and beauty twirling, I love to feel her hug me and wait for my approving nod. She is my whole world. Both of my kids are, they are the air that I breathe, the light of my life.

Your loving mama,



Gardens of Sand said...

She must have had a blast! I'm loving the cake. She will always remember this, you know!

I remember last yr, u had a bday bash at ur mum's. It was fun! Wish I was there to celebrate with u all!

SoulSearch said...

Thanks sweetie, we missed you too!!! Next year inshallah should be better, hopefully in our brand new house!!!