Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Too close to home...

Just when I thought incidents such as the one that happened in Karzakan were a one time screw up, we wake up to very similar scenes in our own neighborhood. This time East Riffa.

This car belonged to the neighborhood's mosque Imam. Does that have any connection with what has happened?

Its sad.

I'll let the picture do the talking


Yacoub said...

oh my goodness

that's messed up!

whereabouts in riffa is this???

SoulSearch said...

Thanks for stopping by Yacob.

This happened in Al-Hajjiyat area to be precise. The family were stuc inside the house all night, while their car was burning outside. They had parked the car very closeto the entrance as they do everyday.
They were shocked, so was the whole neighborhood. And nothing about this incident in any of the local newspapers!
Weird! Scary.

Butterfly said...

I am not suprised. Last time when I took my car to the garage to repair a deep scratch on the window that was my gift from someone who I argued with regarding his sectarian views, the garage owner said to me that a mosque Imam brought his car the same day because his neighbours poured paint thinner on his new car!

This is was his punishment for talking about sectarian issues in his Friday speech. So you can imagine where this is taking us to!

brightlightz said...

An Imam?? What were they thinking?? :(

SoulSearch said...

Butterfly: Sorry to hear about your car butterfly. That is one messed up dude. But things aren't so pretty in Bahrain right now, this has got to stop, Bahrainis have got alot to worry about...they could do with minus secterianism...God help us all...

Brightlightz: Thanks for stopping by. The guy wouldn't hurt a fly, and according tomy husband, has never said anything against anyone in his life! He even condones other Imams who mention Christians and Jews in their surmmons!

What is happening here?