Sunday, March 09, 2008

Geant-smart move

I have been doing my monthly shopping at Geant ever since it has openend in Bahrain, and it has always bothered me the amount of plastic bags one small family can consume. It is scary.

With the new decision of charging money for plastic bags and he introduction of the Jute reusable bags, I am much delighted. I shall go ahead and buy 10 of those bags because I would imagine thats how many I would need as we fill up two carts for the whole month!!!

Fantastic, way to go Geant...Hope others will follow suit...




Redbelt said...

It is refreshing to see people who care about such things.

SoulSearch said...

Thanks RedBelt, its really alarming the way we never thought about this before, we need to stop using those darn pastic bags and start thinking of alternatives... thanks for stopping by...