Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Secret...

Just finished reading "The Secret".

Good marketing campaign... but blown out of proportion.

Its not that big of a secret...huh?

I guess somebody really wished to make millions, and got their wish!




Re.Loaded Soul said...

I saw the DVD, and in my opinion, it is all about being positive in life and fighting the "IT-IS-NOT-POSSIBLE" things!

Good to read, but not to follow as they have really over-simplified the facts!

Re.Loaded Soul said...

There is a well-known hadeeth for Imam Ali that says:

"Be optimistic, and you will see it in your life!"

You are right, being only optimistic wouldn't work out. We need to couple it with deep faith and being also realistic in working hard to reach our goals.
I wouldn't agree with the writer that you have only to place an order, then the "Universe" will deliver it for you!

Allah, which is bigger and the creator of this universe is so generous, but he will not give his generosity all the time and for no work deserving it. Isn't it?

SoulSearch said...

Totally agree reloaded. Thanks for dropping by. Checked out your blog, pretty cool, will link you ;)