Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SoulSearching …

Hey world,

It's been a hectic couple of months of my life but it's been great. I've reached a turning point in my life, got a great opportunity and took every inch of it, and here I am, in a new job, finalizing construction of my new home, and my son is now in school/nursery everyday! And I am thankful.

I'm grateful for everything that I have in my life, although my schedule is full to the brim, but my kids are happy and healthy and my life is in the direction I need it to be…

I've promised a few images of the house, I don't have a very good one on me now, but I promise to take better images soon, just to show the stages at which construction has reached. It's amazing to see the guys putting up the ceilings and drilling holes in the upstairs floors to make way for the wiring and the lights. The house looks more real now. I feel like going up to them and shaking their hands and to thank them every day!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions on whether we should install ceiling fans in the bedrooms? That's something we need to resolve and argue about it every single day. I'm not sure… People, you know what the weather is like in Bahrain, suggestions anyone? Maybe I should start a poll or something, vote for or against ceiling fans!

Check out our new door! I love it… it looks like it's made of wood but it's actually wrought iron! Isn't that lovely!!!

I went to Dubai last month and enjoyed 5 fabulous days in the city that never stops being the first and the fastest in eveything! It's amazing to see the pace at which this city is rising; I was flabbergasted at the huge skyscraping buildings in Bar Dubai, near Ibn Batuta Mall, they looked unreal! I thought they were cardboard signs or something, the snow city in the Mall of the Emirates was amazing, it reminded me of Lebanon's beautiful mountains, but not nearly as breathtaking. But I absolutely loved Dubai minus the ugly snaking queue waiting for a taxi!

That's it for now, I hope I can keep blogging, as much as circumstances permit!

Love and Peace to the world…

SoulSearch J


Um Naief said...

i LOVE the doors! we need new doors for our place and these look amazing. it must be really something to see your house coming to life from nothing...

glad to hear things are going well.

take care!

ammaro.com said...

the fans, well, its definately a personal choice. the question is, DO YOU even use a fan?

i mean, my wife for example, wouldnt use it no matter what. its either the AC, an open window, or nothing.

Me on the other hand, i prefer using it to an AC, so we have one.

SoulSearch said...

Thanks Um Naief and Ammaro, the doors were the hubby's design and the fans are definitely going in. I do prefer them to the AC too! Thanks Ammaro!

Gardens of Sand said...

I am so glad you are back to blogging, I missed your posts! The door looks great, you did good!

Fans, what can I say? I don't use them when they are there but then I am in a place that doesn't have any fans installed and I miss using them terribly. They make great looking fans now, not the ugly standard type.

And they do help airing the place. Maybe put some in informal places and avoid them in the formal places.

SoulSearch said...

Thanks GOS, its great to be back...we miss you loads in Bahrain. Seif keeps aking about you and 3mar cause we have your pics in the birthday album, hope to we get together soon, hopefully in our new home


Nishani said...

Hey Missy! Nice to see you back online. I'm happy that you are happy and that life is going your way (don't you love it when life gives you a break? :D) You deserve the best in life.

As for the fans, I would go for them. I know how hot it gets in Bahrain and it always helps to have something that can circulate air. We consider ourselves lucky that each room in our house has a fan and that was one of the selling points when we were looking at our house (other homes in N. Va don't seem to have them). And I would love to be able to have a big tall wall surrounding our house like yours has. :)

Give your kiddos a big hug from their aunty Nishani, whom I'm sure they have long since forgotten. :(

SoulSearch said...

Hey Nishani, its lovely to wake up and get a comment from you on my blog!!! Yes we are definitely going for the fans in all bedrooms upstairs, and no the kids haven't forgotten you as they always see Jalal's pics come up on our screensaver at home as part f My Pictures! They always ask when they would see him!!!
Love you loads and miss you so much!!! Take care and keep in touch always!!
BTW how's your preparations for the new baby? keep me posted!

amal said...

glad to know you're doing great.. really happy for you, you more than deserve it :)

and, about the fans.. a must, in my opinion..

lets do lunch and we can discuss the fans and other "electrical" matters..

SoulSearch said...

hahaha, thanks amool for your comment! We have an O'Briens downstairs, but no lunch break! stop by someday on your lunch break!!!