Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home Sweet Home...Update

Everyday, our home looks more real. Its now taking shape and at this stage we're assuming we need 4 months to go until all is done and we can move in.

Construction is now at the gypsum stage, we now have ceilings :D

A garage door :D

We now need to figure out the exact amount of spotlights and downlights. Next comes the Aluminum for the windows...
Its amazing to see the progress of contruction. Can't wait to start painting, and cleaning, and arranging furniture!
Makes me grateful everyday. :D


amal said...

very exciting!

Gardens of Sand said...
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Gardens of Sand said...

Yay! Must be great and immensely satisfying watching your house become a home. Best to you sweety, I can't wait to see the final result!

SoulSearch said...

thanks girls. its so great, we o there everyday to check out the progress of things. Hubby is following up on everything and he's a perfectionist so I'm not worried. I know everything willturn out gorgeous!!!
SS said...

that must be a lot of fun, watching it unravel... do you have a contractor doing everything for you, or are you running around trying to do it all yourself?

also wondering how much it cost you and the size of the house.

SoulSearch said...

Its really great, we go to the site everyday just so the kids can play and we get a feel of the place. There is an energy, a connection I feel is beautiful, I can't wait until we move in...
Will write in detail about the cost and the size!
Thanks everyone,