Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Bahraini Blogging Scene

I love our cyberspace community. every other night for about an hour I browse around for some good blogger entries by fellow bloggers, and no sooner I am in stiches!!!

Some of you guys are really funny!

Of course, Mahmood's Den is the platform from which I dive into other bloggers' pages, and I end up trying to link everyone...

Its lovely,

I'm happy...

I want to read somemore insights, some more ideas, some more frustrations, some more achievements by Bahrain's Bright Geeks!!

Hehe :)

Tonight I'm linking Evil Odd, you're not so evil afterall!

You're hilarious...

Thanks for your cool posts

Keep on blogging guys/gals...

Post it out there!!!




amal said...

..i'll have to disagree with you.. most blogs get on my nerves and i see them as reflections of the amount of insecurities and numerous issues our society has to overcome in order to be healthier and more productive..
..maybe it's just me reading more analytically into it, and maybe it's just one of the ways of looking at the mostly lame blogs :p
..must admit though, on a good day many of them are rather entertaining.. just like our MP's, newspapers, BTV, ministries, etc.. painfully, ironically entertaining..

Anonymous said...

Oh Amal and based on your intelligent analysis you are the smart blogger among the idiots?

Wake up girl, your blog is nothing but childish thoughts!

Ammar456 said...

Good to hear you enjoying the scene; there are a bunch of good blogs out there, and some that serve nothing more than a good time, and a few which are irritating. And Amal, lighten up a little; you might be picky, but there are a few good ones here and there!

amal said...

Ammar, i said "most" not "all"..
if there weren't "a few good ones here and there" you wouldn't have seen me leaving my comments anywhere..

cheers mate..

moodz said...

I would have to agree, hats off to the local bloggers!

The good, the bad, the ugly, the ridiculous and lame, the anonymous attacking comments, the judgmental sick mentalities, the nags, the love poetry or even the “I got it through my email” posts, you just gotta love 'em!

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...


mwaah, love you all!

amal said...

this love.. *cough*.. is.. *cough*cough*.. too much *cough*cough*cough*.. i thi*cough*nk i'm *cough**cough* getting an *cough* asthma attack*cough*cough*cough*..


Gardens of Sand said...

I would say there is the good, the bad and the downright ugly! But you find this everywhere. I for one am grateful for the local blogger scene and the enthusiam with which they blog. A huge thank you to Mahmood too for providing the platform. Being so far away for most of the year, it really helps me keep in touch with Ba7rain and with what is going on.

So I think I will join Mahmood in the group hug and xoxoxs

Yacoub said...

I've only been blogging for almost three months now, and I throughly enjoy reading people's opinions on a variety of topics, political, funny, mushy, techies mashallah there's everything for everyone.

I feel proud to be amongst such a good group of bloggers! May none of us suffer from blogger's block (like what I'm getting nowadays lol)


Shahrzad said...

hi dear new friend,

Just interested in finding friends from your own country? I live in your neighborhood (almost...lol...). I'm from Iran and in search of good friends as well.
Wish you the best.

SoulSearch said...

Hi all, sorry for taking so long to post something. Been drowning in work basically!!
I seriously think we have real neat blogs. Some of the posts are hilarious. I've been to the Kuwaiti bloggers scene and although some blogs do have substance, I get this feeling of emptiness, or lack of objective!
Love you all, and I'm going to try to link all the posts I think are cooool...
Keep blogging you guys, and do let me know when the next bloggers meeting will be!

Ammar456 said...

did i miss out on the group hug?

Soul said...

group hug always

SoulSearch =)

CeCe said...

The reason why I started a blog is: the Bloggers!

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