Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Designer Brands

I was recently engaged in an argument with one of my friends about designer brands. She had had her eyes on a designer handbag that cost around BD 400.

I kept trying to talk it out of her head, keeoing in mind that she works hard for the money she earns, and tried to convince her that it would be a total waste of money and effort if she threw her dinars away. So we argued, and argued and I wanted to here comments about this issue.

Would you buy a designer bag for hundreds of dinars, while some people live on that amount for a whole month, in some cases for TWO months?

Would you go for designer bags, designer jeans, designer sunglasses, designer life, if you knew you really couldn't afford it, but wanted to show off anyway, and be seen in a certain class of society?


Anonymous said...

I'd go to the Souk and get the designer "knock off" stuff and save the remaining money for a rainy day. Then again when I was younger I'd probably blow the lot on music and dates!!

aMaL said...
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aMaL said...

All that superficial pretentiousness makes me feel so sick.
Why are there so many shallow people in the world that spend sick amounts of money to fill the hollowness inside them? Why do they insist on doing it the immature way?
Designer or no designer, how the hell does a random shiny name make a difference? To me, it only has to be strong enough and pretty.
And with four hundred dinars, I can spend one week in Dubai, three in Jordan or 2 nights in London :p

SoulSearch said...

you know what guys, yes it is all disgusting, many of us try to do just that, buy expensive designer clothes and accessories to be seen as people with class. Its inherent, we associate wealth with class. That is if you are wealthy you are classy and if you're not then you're not. Again thanks to Capitalists and what they want us to believe!