Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Back home

We're out of hospital and back in the comforts of our home... AlHamdulliah, my baby is safe and sound, a little frightened from all the needles and all the green gowns, but she's healthy and happy and I'm glad.

Nothing could have comforted me in that hour when they took her to the operating theatre. It was traumatic. Although it was a relatively simple operation, I was a nervous wreck. I was shaking up until she was wheeled out of the room.

Thanks to everyone for the support and the phone calls, its nice to have a circle of friends and family around us.



Doe said...


I am glad Amoona is fine now. She is a strong kid and she will be alrite. Too bad mommies can't help but worry. Wish we could have been there to visit in the hospital and get her chocolates and icecream to participate in making it a happy memory. I'm sure u made it a fun experience for her, and generally when we grow up we remember the good part of experiences.
Love to u all :)

Missy said...

el7mdelah 3ala salamt'ha :)

SoulSearch said...

Thanks Doe, and Missy for your good wishes, I'm happy to bring her home. She's definitely enjoying the ice cream part!! hehe