Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sami Al-Hajj...39 days on hunger strike

For 39 days running, without a single morsel of food, Sami Al-Hajj continues his hunger strike in the hell hole that is Guantanamo, of which the Americans are to blame. Captured in 2001 by Pakistani Forces and sold to the Americans, probably with a hefty amount, to be the scapegoat of the day and sent to Guantanamo, where he has seen a rainbow of torture techniques.

What do the Americans want from all detainees in Guantanamo? That they confess their alleged crimes? That they indict themselves and claim to be "the enemy combatants" they want them to be? Till when will they watch this man and all the other detainees die a slow and torturous death?

Sami Al-Hajj was a camerman for Al-Jazeera. American intelligence saw him as a threat when he was in Afghanistan after the fall of Taliban.

For 39 days, without any food. Can you imagine anyone doing that? How tortured he must have been to continue his hunger strike for so long.

May Allah help him through this and send him to the son who is now 6 years old and who has never seen his father.

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