Monday, January 15, 2007

Why the Arrogance

After 28 years of living on planet earth, I realized not too long ago that Arabs have a thing. They have a thing against other nationalities, and I discovered that this feeling of hierarchy is ripe in Bahrain.
I was quietly waiting in the bank yesterday, there were quite a few people and the queue was pretty long. There were a couple of Indian workers who were right in front of me. They had been waiting as long as I have and maybe even more, but I get called by the guy behind the counter.
I protested saying, "But these guys were here before me."
"Don't worry about it, they can wait," he said.
"Its okay, dont' worry," and he was all smiles, snatching my papers and proceeding with my transaction.

I felt totally awkward, the poor workers just kept looking at the whole fiasco in front of them without a single word of protest!

I was flabbergasted!

We Arabs always think we are better than others!

When we will wake up to reality?

Somebody wise once said: "All people are created equal" when we will stop this arrogance.

We are not "شعب الله المختار"
People who think that way are usually doomed. We need only to look back and learn from history. There is nothing special about us.

So to the guys I had to cut in that bank yesterday. Sorry.
I hope one day we all understand that we all eat, drink, sleep, love, hate, cry, and die, just like everybody else.



aMaL said...

Same thing happened to me once. It was my first time at BBK's branch in the soug. A very tiny one.

I'd entered. Saw that there was a row of no less than 15 men waiting in a row. So I went to the end of the queue and planned to wait. Then this guy, who stood in front of me, turned around and told me that, since I'm a girl, I can just skip everyone else and go to the front.

Not wanting to make a scene by awkwardly standing where I am not expected to, I walked to the front.

Though I got my transaction done in less than 5 minutes, I still felt like such a brat for being treated like a spoilt princess. Racism and sexism are SINS!

soulsearch said...

I hate being given this privilege just because I am a woman. I prefer to stand in line and wait for my turn...


Gardens of Sand said...

I once had a new window open up to accomodate me so that I wouldn't have to wait behind the men in a queque. Truth be told, I did not mind at all.

Men in our societies are given allowances for being males where as women have more restrictions for being female. It sucks, but the truth is, sexism will always exist in our culture.

In the few circumstances that it works for me, I will gladly take it. It doesn't erase or justify all the other times my sex worked against me. But if it saves me 15 mins in a line, oh well.